Who needs sleep

I have been throwing up (basically nothing) for over two hours. Mommy & Daddy changed my sheets twice and theirs will now need changed too. The floor of their bedroom is all icky. The bathroom is semi-cleaned but will need sanitized in the morning. The washer is running with the second batch of my “friends”. I keep crying telling Mommy I am sorry. There is now a matress on the living room floor for me and Mommy to lay on. I am watching cartoons with a purple plastic easter bucket right next to me that I keep throwing up in. Daddy is trying to sleep in the bedroom(so he can function to take over the guard in a little while), as is Emmerson. Mommy is up helping me and cleaning. Hopefully Emmerson sleeps for a while before needing to nurse so can get a bit of rest. If not, Daddy will take over guard when the sun comes up so Mommy can get some shut-eye. Oh the joys of being a kid and a parent! 

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