And it continues…

So I last checked in at 2:30am. It is now 8am. I was up every 10-15 min all night throwing up whatever I could and then dry-heaving after that. Mommy has been giving me Pedilyte for the last few hours and I am not keeping it down. ┬áDr. said I have to go to the ER for re-hydration if I go much longer. My mood is good, just super┬ásensitive. I threw up earlier and missed the bucket and got mad at it and threw it across the living room, with vomit in it! Mommy wasn’t pleased but understands how I feel. Hopefully this will pass soon, my buddy Ethan has the same thing and kept his Mommy up all night as well. UGH! Mommy said to tell everyone that after I throw up I say “Thank you Mommy, I am happy”.

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