Rough Day

This morning I woke up late (totally unlike me!) and was SUPER whiney. Mommy took me to Apollo Gym for some fun gymnastics and then free-play. I had a good time, eventually. I just kept whining about everything. We got home and I chilled out to some Scooby Doo and Little Bear on TV then went to the farm to get our weekly veggies.

When we got home I took a nice long nap.

After my nap (I woke up at 5pm) Daddy had to go to a meeting to fight for the potty at the park. Emmerson was being fussy and I was being a butt-head. This was the conversation between Mommy and me.

me: I am hungry.

Mommy: Okay, I will make you dinner.

me: I don’t like dinner (screamed at the top of my lungs!).

Mommy: Okay, what would you like?

me: I want LUNCH!

Mommy: *sigh* *fixes me the same thing and called it “lunch”.

me: * I ate 10 grapes and nothing else*

Afterwards Mommy finally got me calmed down and I was playing quietly in the living room while she was waiting for Daddy to be on tv (another post for details). I found a toy cell phone and this is how the story goes:

Me: Excuse me Mommy, I need to make an immm-poor-tent phone call. Please turn down the tv.

Mommy: Sorry. Yes sir!

Me: Hello, how are you?


No I am in my living room watching tv.


I am watching Little Bear, what are you watching?


Oh, I like Diego!


well, I have to go. Have a good night.

*presses random buttons and closes phone and goes back to playing legos*

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