Playground Terror

Last week I had a few very rough days. My molars have been all puffy and bloody. I was at Gymboree Art Class and just BIT into Mommy’s arm. I left a HUGE black and blue mark. Sorry Mommy! I felt realy bad about it and Mommy said she understood because my teeth are making me really grumpy.

We left Gymboree shortly after the “bite” and went to Dunedin Rec Center. Ethan and his mommy met us there. We were having a blast playing and then I unleashed the terror. I bit Ethan! I got a major time-out times two or three! I don’t know what made me bite… my teeth make me do crazy things. I am SOOOO SORRY Ethan! Sorry I went back for more after the first bite. ugh!

Well, my biting has now stopped and I am a lot happier. The last two days I have listened well and slept even better. My teeth are looking a lot better and I have stopped asking for “tooth medicine”. Mommy has opted to let me have my binki when I get edgy. She can tell pretty quick when it is getting close. Thanks Mommy!

Ethan and I hung out again last night and we did fairly well with each other. No blood (other than some really random cut knuckles that no one could explain). I am going to miss my buddy Ethan when he moves. But we will always be buds!

Here are a few pictures Miss Jamie took at the playground of me!



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