I am really into using my imagination lately. I LOVE to pretend and make believe. In my crazy games I always enlist a “friend”. I have mentioned my “friends” before. Here is a list of some of the “friends” that I have had over the last few weeks.

Empty box from Scooby-Doo Mac & Cheese

Scooby Doo shrinky-dink

Un-shrunk Fred Shrinky-Dink (From Scooby Doo)

Hippo in a dentist chair photocopied out of my Richard Scary Book

Picture of the Mystery, Inc. gang photocopied out of a book

Horse from my Lego castle

Stuffed dog from Wendy’s Kids Meal

Elephant that Mommy colored at the car doctor

Duck from Little Quack duck story book

The list goes on and on! They help me read, play games, go to the park and even go to sleep with me. I get very attached to my friends. Mommy said it is almost like a physical item representing an imaginary friend. Maybe I need to get out more. Maybe it is a manifestation of my struggling with new social skills in “together” play instead of “parallel” play. Either way Mommy and Daddy enjoy watching me grow and play. But PLEASE keep an eye on my friends locations because I will call for them at strange times and then BETTER be there for me! Whatever you do, don’t throw my trinkets away!

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