Where HAVE I been???!

Mommy is having a rough time helping me blog lately. Mainly because there isn’t much downtime. Probably won’t be much downtime until Emmerson and I are on similar schedules. Mommy said when I sleep, Emmerson is awake and vice-versa!

Point is this… this is going to be a very random catch-up blog post and then Mommy will try to post more regularly for me.

This was from before Valentine’s Day. The promised picture of me rolling in the grass. Sorry it is blurry… I was rolling pretty fast.


Also… the hop-scotch board on the floor at the park.


Mommy, Emmerson and I went to the playground. I was having a BLAST! I was being very silly and got caught in the chains.


I was going down the slide head first and suddenly a bug landed on the slide. My feet shot out and stopped me in mid-slide. I called for Mommy and all she did was giggle and snap pictures… Then she got rid of the HUGE bug (it as a flying ant…)


I have enjoyed some cartoons (Max & Ruby) and “Captain Crunch” cereal. See my cool robot Mommy and I made a few weeks ago!!


Mommy, Emmerson and I spent THREE hours at the car dealership getting the car worked on. I watched “Tom & Jerry”.


All those mind rotting cartoons are balanced out by HEAPING piles of broccoli.


Here is a family shot with Grandpa John. He was really neat to have around. I can’t wait until this summer when he moved back to Florida. Then I can see him more often! 🙂


Emmerson is still pretty neat. I like to hold him.


Mommy gave me Nutella with my broccoli one night.


It made my head spin! I LOVED IT!



Mommy worked on SAD faces with me…


And HAPPY ones…


I got to go to EPCOT. They had this neat bug tunnel. I made Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie crawl through it with me. I even knocked Grandpa Howie over in the tunnel.


During the trip I tried to feed Emmerson a lollipop when no one was looking. Mommy caught me as it was inserted into Emmerson’s mouth. hehe! 🙂 I skipped my nap because I had so much fun, but I crashed in the car on the way home. Sunday we went to the “farm” and I skipped my nap again. Until 5pm when we were three blocks from home and I fell asleep in the car. Mommy carried me in and I took a 30 minute nap on the sofa.


Don’t think I will skip that many naps.

That is it for now. Will post more soon!

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