Slacking off

Mommy has ben majorly slacking this last week on helping me to blog. We have stayed very busy with play-groups and outings. Mommy certainly has quickly developed a knack for juggling two boys and a busy lifestyle.

Last week we went to a new play place, the playground and also to Dunedin Recreation Center for a Valentine’s Family fun night. At the fun night I spent most of my time rolling in the grass and trying to play hopscotch! I also made an airplane out of 2 mints, 1 roll of Smarties, 1 stick of gum and a rubber band…. then I ATE IT!

I just really enjoyed the time with Mommy & Daddy. Oh yeah, we even had a picnic on the grass.

This week we have gone to the park, playground and mall.

I have taking my “friend” obsession to a new level. As most of you know I attach to a picture in a book, a toy or a stuffed animal and drag it around EVERYWHERE until I get bored with it. This week I have chosen a “Scooby Doo Shrinky-dink” (that I REFUSE to let Mommy shrink in the oven) and three color photocopies of a hippo from my Richard Scarry word book (page 27, and don’t you forget it!!). God forbid I misplace them, or they rip… the world around me as I know it collapses!

Night before last I had a pee-pee accident in my bed around 4am. Mommy tried to get me back to sleep, but I wanted NO part of that. I was awake and it was PLAYTIME!!!! Ugh! Mommy was a walking zombie that day. Today I spelt in a bit better and Mommy seems to get less grumpy!

Yesterday we hung out at the car dealership for 3 hours and Mommy said I behaved SUPER! Mommy didn’t pull any hair out… even when I poked he in the eye with a crayon. Sorry Mommy

Well, I think that is it. I am sure I missed a lot but time is just zipping by!

I asked Mommy & Daddy to post pictures here later! 🙂

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