Of Shiners and Saggy Baggy Elephants

Yesterday I went to Planet Jump again with the Moms Club. My cousins Nathan and Natalie came along too. We had a LOT of fun running and playing and wearing ourselves out completely. Of course I only stuck to the one little play land like last time or I could be found in the play kitchen. So predictable Mommy said!

All was well with the world and then a kid fell in front of me while I was running and I fall on top of him catching his elbow in my eye. I have a small purple bump on my eyelid today. Oh well. Accidents happen?

While there I also found a pretty girl that I chased around and she would plop down on the inflatable and I would curl up next to her. Awww!

We came home and I REFUSED to take a nap… finally I fell asleep and Mommy said the SMELL from my room just hit. She came in and changed my diaper and that was that… nap over. Not even 15 minutes. So we sat and read some of my Golden Books. I have taken a liking to “The Saggy Baggy Elephant” his name is Sooki. Last night Sooki had to go shopping with us and eat din-din with me. Sooki is my “new friend”. It is really one specific picture of Sooki that makes me giggle with delight. Or melt down, when I accidently ripped the page a little bit. Daddy had to find tape PRONTO and fix the page. Finally, at bedtime we had to read him stories and tuck him in for night-night.

Today when I got up my new found love of Sooki the Saggy Baggy Elephant had not gone away. The book has traveled all over the house with me. I gave Sooki rides on my train and told him all about the Mickey Mouse cartoon I was watching. I fed him mango pieces and some of my banana. Mommy said yogurt was too messy for the elephant. Oh well! Now Sooki sits watching me and my freshly trimmed fingernails… I let Mommy trim them to show Sooki it didn’t hurt. Then Mommy trimmed Sooki’s nails! Mommy said it was the easiest nail trimming EVER!

Well, off to Gymboree and then to hang our with Grandma Jo for a bit while Mommy & Daddy go to Mommy’s doctor appointment. This baby brother thing is getting a LOT closer! Mommy said she will post a baby update during my nap this afternoon!

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