Holiday Update… This may be LONG

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. Things have been very busy and Mommy has been taking naps and hasn’t had time to help me. Silly baby is finally starting to wear her out… it only took 8.5 months!!

Christmas Eve was fun. Uncle Matt was here from California and we played with lots of my old toys. Grandma Susie, Grandma Jo, Grandpa Howie and Great Grandma Thelma (GG) also were here. I went to bed on time and forgot to leave out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. The “adults” stayed up late playing board games and eating cookies and Daddy’s homemade peppermint ice-cream.

I was up early but Mommy & Daddy made me wait in my room until they were all cleaned up.

Santa brought me a GLOBE!!! I was really excited about this one. It is electronic and really neat.

I got LOTS of Legos!

More Legos!

Christmas happiness! I was on a high all day, but what kid isn’t!

I got a train whistle that I can actually blow and make sounds with. CHOO CHOO! Here comes the TRAIN!

After we opened my Santa gifts and a few others we loaded the car and went to Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie’s house. I was the only kid to I got to open gifts all day long!
I got lots of new books! YEAH!

More Legos!

Another book… this book has little animals to build and LOTS of fun animal facts!

Uncle Matt even got gifts… he must have been a good boy this year too!

Grandma Susie got me this neat view-master. It has tons of animals discs.

More Legos?? Ohhh… PEOPLE!
Great Grandma laughed at my happiness.

I laughed at everything!

Daddy didn’t take a lot of pictures because we were all tired. I got lots of dress up clothing, a toy cash register, more books, a bunch of games, a stuffed Monkey with a neat blanket, lots of other stuffed animals, art supplies and lots of other things. I think I was spoiled this year! 🙂
We spent the day at my Grandparents and then came home for a quiet evening playing with my toys.
The week between Christmas and New years was pretty quiet. We all needed that. Mommy has everything ready for the hospital stay and for the baby. Just a few minor little things that aren’t high priority. Daddy hasn’t opted to give up the office yet, so the baby will stay in the master bedroom for a while. In a bassinet/small crib not in the big bed!
New Years was uneventful as well. I was asleep by 8:15 pm and Mommy and Daddy stayed up to watch the ball drop and then went right to sleep.
It is finally cooler outside… well for a few days at least. It will be back in the high 70s low 80s in a day or so. The cooler weather has been great because Mommy and I have gone to a lot of parks and playgrounds to hang out. Here are some random pictures from Mommy’s iPhone (that she has been too lazy to download until now!).
Me in my “safari hat” helping Mommy clean whatever I could find to clean.
IMG_0097.JPG Daddy and the day he just couldn’t get warm. Mommy was sweating and Daddy was bundled up tight. Mommy even wrapped a scarf around his head!
The same day Mommy and I were at the park. I wanted her hat instead of my Diego one. I wanted NOTHING to do with the playground it was all about the sticks, moss and other things on the ground.

We were the ONLY people at the park, mainly because it was only 45F out and really windy and this park is along the water. IMG_0103.JPG
More sticks and moss! I eventually fed all the moss to the ride-on dinosaurs! IMG_0110.JPG
This branch was really a broom… I made Mommy clean the ENTIRE playground with it! IMG_0114.JPG

So in wrap-up. My 2007 was AWESOME! I got to do so many new and fun things. Including a trip to Europe! WAY COOL! 2008 should bring more fun and changes. I still haven’t decided what I should think of getting a baby brother in a few weeks/days. I guess I will take it as it comes. I think we are all nervous. I have been the only child for 2.5 years and now I will have competition for cuteness! Better step up my mark! I honestly am excited because I want to teach my sibling all the things I know about animals, trains, geography and life.
Best wishes to all! 🙂

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