Fish Tank Not Nice

Well, Mommy and Daddy opted to get a bunch of new stuff for my huge fish tank. Mommy spent all of my nap and then the time until Daddy got home from work getting all the fish acclimated and ready to go. Mommy got the new fish and invertebrates (2 jawfish, 1 fire-fish goby, 3 arrow crabs, 3 sand sifter star fish, some other crabs) into the tank right before Daddy got home.

I opted for a short nap because I was so excited about my new fish. Anyway, Mommy and Daddy spent the next… well… way past MY bedtime…. working on the tank. At 6pm everything was in the tank and secured to the rocks. Daddy offered to watch me so Mommy could go get a pedicure. Mommy turned down the offer because she has a cut on her foot and didn’t want to get any icky from the salon. WELL…Then the night took a turn for the worse for all those involved. My half-black angel fish started pecking at the new corals. She had to go! After 2 hours of yelling and screaming (mainly at the fish) no one could net the bugger. I went to bed and this is the story that I was told.

Mommy & Daddy took about 80% of the live rock out of the tank to eliminate all the hiding places. After about 1 hour of this unloading of the tank Mommy was finally able to net the fish (with Daddy’s help of course!). They also took out the coral beauty angel just to be safe. (Mommy said that one was EASY to catch!) Then came more raised tempers as Mommy & Daddy tried to put the live rock back in the tank like it was before. Eventually hands were thrown in the air and rocks were just put in where they looked nice and seamed to fit. At 11:30 Mommy took the two fish over to her friend Jamie’s house (Ethan’s Mommy) and put them in their tank to live or die. At that point the other option was the toilet and a flush! Mommy got home just before midnight and helped Daddy finish cleaning up the house.

What an ordeal! And why did we all want a fish tank again???

Mommy & Daddy still have to epoxy the new corals to the live rocks, AGAIN! But that task will wait until this afternoon when I take my nap.

Mommy and Daddy felt terrible that I didn’t get much attention last night… just a lot of cartoons. I cried a lot but I know it was for my safety that I wasn’t allowed to be underfoot. Plus both Mommy & Daddy were REALLY grumpy. Everyone is fine today, just a little tuckered out!

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