Hunter escaped… sort of!

Today Mommy and I were waiting at home for the FedEx person to deliver a new box of stuff for the fish-tank. Since we now have the “fish guy” to help with the cleaning fo the tank Mommy & Daddy are more confident about investing in corals and fish.

Anyhow, when the box came Mommy brought it inside and the doorbell rang again. Someone from the city checking on the kitchen completion. Mommy came back inside, locked up and we headed for the playground. I had been waiting all morning for the fish box to come so we could go to the playground. Every time I heard a truck driving down the street I would insist to Mommy that it was “TIME TO GO TO THE PLAYGROUND!”

We had a blast at the playground. I can even climb the ENTIRE rock wall on my own now and go down the BIG BIG slide. Mommy said she was very proud of me!

We got home and came in the house and heard a whining from the front porch. Mommy figured it was one of the “feral” cats that have been living in our yard for the last week or so. She looked out the peep-hole and saw HUNTER!!! Ugh!

He must have escaped to the front screened in porch when Mommy was talking to the man from the city. He was fine… but when we let him in… Clover and Sneaky Pie had a MAJOR hissy fit. It took nearly an hour for them to re-accept him into the house! Those silly girls!

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