Engineering 101

So this morning I woke Mommy up with a holler of “I dropped my stick!” Mommy looked confused when she came in my room… “Stick, what stick?” I pointed to the ground and there was a little 1.5 inch long red plastic stick. Mommy said she knew instantly it was a peg from a toy of mine. The toy is a little rectangle full of pegs that when you push against something it takes the form… like your face, hand or a toy. Mommy then asked me where the toy was so she could replace the peg that fell out. I pulled the toy from the bag at the end of my bed…. it was missing about half of the pegs. Mommy grinned and asked where the other “sticks” were. I told here they were under my pillow. She asked me how they got out of the toy. I told her they “fell out”.

We gathered all the sticks and sat on the floor together and put the toy back together. Mommy asked again how they “fell out” and I said… “my fingers did it!” My toy is fixed and now moved to the non-night-night toy pile.

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