Horsey is Home

Today Mommy and I ran a few errands while Daddy is in work meetings out of the house. We went by storage to swap out the toddler rail of my old bed for the crib rail for my baby brother. When we opened the door to the storage unit I saw my old horse! I got him for my first Christmas but haven’t seen him in ages since I stopped playing with him. I instantly asked Mommy if I could ride him. She pulled him down off the stack of boxes and I sat on him and bounced a few moments. I then got up and started dragging my horse down the hallway of the storage unit towards the elevator. Mommy sighed and said “fine we can bring him home for a little while as long as I promise to play with it.” I agreed. We loaded him onto the cart and I helped pull the cart to the elevator. Mommy made me stand still and hold the cart handle while she unlocked the car. She said “don’t let go of the handle”.

Being the sly kid that I am in kept holding on and climbed up on the cart and sat on my horse and started bouncing… totally NOT safe! Mommy asked me to safely get down… I did… still holding the cart handle. hehe

My horse is now safe at home and I can’t be pried away from it! I ate dinner on it and snacks. I fed the horse part of my sandwich. I guess it doesn’t matter that it is a bit too small for me to play on, but I still enjoy it. My knees nearly hit the handlebars but I can still get a good “giddy-up horsey” out of it!

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