Happy 3rd Annual Cookie-a-thon

Today we had our cookie-a-thon.I got all dressed in my Santa suit (less the hat, it was too small for my big head!)


We were up early and headed to Grandma Jo’s house. Grandma Susie had pre-made her dough so things went quick for her. Daddy worked his tushie off making dough and baking cookies. I had a wonderful time eating all the raw dough!

I helped with the sprinkles and cutting cookies. I am quite the little baker!

I was very orderly about the sprinkles. Row by row…


Stopping for a quick taste of the sprinkles!


Back to work…


Mommy & Daddy bought me a gingerbread house kit and I had a blast helping Mommy and Grandma Jo put it together. Except I ate a LOT of the decorations! What was more sugar at this point. Sugar sugar and more sugar!




Mommy’s favorite picture… worthy of a Christmas card??? I THINK SO! (HINT HINT DADDY!)


Nap time came and I really needed it. Mommy tucked me in my port-a-crib in Grandma’s office (it was the only quiet room!). She kept checking on me and I didn’t want to nap. I managed to get the desk drawer on Grandma’s desk open and pull out all the markers. Luckly Mommy caught me as I will still opening all the markers and sorting the lids and markers into piles.




Handing over the evidence…


Thank GOODNESS nothing got ruined and I didn’t get to color on the wall, myself or my books. Mommy and Grandma Jo took the markers away and I tried to go to sleep. I opted to tear apart a book and at that point Mommy gave up and let me come back out and help bake for a bit more. Then I got wound up by my cousins and kept getting into trouble. I was tired and cranky the rest of the day!

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