Happy Easter??

Easter?? Well, according to Grandpa Howie… it was Easter. We walked into the room in the morning and announced “HAPPY EASTER!” Strange. I got really excited that the Easter Bunny was going to hide more eggs. Oh well.

So on to Happy Turkey Day! Gobble Gobble! I had a wonderful time playing with Cousins Ian and Anna.



I am sure I learned a few new bad habits but I think I forgot most of them due to lack of naps.

Ian had fun pushing me around on my airplane.


I did manage to get in a short nap while everyone else ate their turkey and fixings. The day was pretty uneventful other than I was exhausted and saw a few family members.

I discovered that I am actually related to Mommy. I LOVE pistachios! After Grandma Jo shared a few with me Grandma Susie helped me open them up and eat them. YUMMIE!


Auntie Kim was sleeping on the floor and I woke her up with a kiss. Then another kiss for good measure!


I really enjoyed my day! 🙂

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