Opinionated Little Boy

Just over the last few days I have come up with a new favorite phrase. “I don’t like that, it’s yuckie!” This can refer to food, toys, books and even the way you look at me. Mommy tucked me into bed last night with one of my favorite books “Very Hungry Caterpillar” and I immediately threw it out of bed stating in a VERY firm voice “I DON’T LIKE THAT!” After 5 or 6 more books Mommy just gave up and walked out of my room, I think I drove her nuts?

Mommy pinned me down during my morning diaper change and checked for tooth progress. Apparently the point that was nearly through is all healed over again and I have a point almost through on the bottom of the left side too. So at least the teeth are keeping up with each other and with my normal teething ways. So by those standards the WORST of my teething should directly correspond with Christmas or the arrival of my baby brother! Poor Mommy & Daddy!

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