Christmas is here already?

This morning we went to the mall and I got my hair trimmed up for the holidays. It was getting all uneven and with my shaggy mop it was getting frizzy too. The lady trimmed a bit more than Mommy wanted off the back and I refused to sit still when she trimmed the front so it is a bit uneven. Oh well! It will grow out. Mommy said I won’t get another haircut for a few months anyway. Mommy didn’t get any pictures of the actual haircut process because I was having sure a rough time with the haircut. She did get these two of me ALL DONE and in the car with my balloon, and much happier!



With a LOVELY break in the weather Mommy & Daddy were feeling all Christmas-y. So after the mall we went to the storage unit and got the Christmas tree out as well as the baby car-seat and a few other things. We came home and while I took a nap Mommy & Daddy set up most of the Christmas tree. When I woke up I helped put the rest of the ornaments on the tree. I really enjoyed it!

Learning how to hang the ornaments…

Daddy helping to reach a high branch…


Checking out the view from the sofa…


This required a LOT of concentration…




I did manage to drive Mommy & Daddy nearly to drink today. I keep INSISTING that I “NEED” everything. “I need that!” “I need that toy to make me happy!” “I need a frontal lobotomy, PLEASE!” Mommy & Daddy have a running joke… they ask me if I want a frontal lobotomy and I ALWAYS insist that I YES indeed need one… NOW! It can make Mommy & Daddy way less stressed out when I am being cranky.

Here’s one of my “strike a pose” vogue pictures 🙂

And I’m sooooo waiting for Santa to come… Can’t you tell?

And, of course, Mommy and me!

Well, off to bed for me!

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