Color Me Red

This weekend I spent the morning at the park with Daddy, Mommy and Grandma Susie. We had a blast playing on the playground and running all around. We got to see the bike riders come by for the Ironman race. I cheered and clapped for a lot of them. It was rather neat to see so many people on bikes whizzing by as I sat in my stroller. Grandma Susie and I made a pile of pine needles and I pretended they were a bed and I curled up inside and pretended to take a nap.

At the end of our neighborhood picnic Grandma Susie took me home for a nap and I wanted to read a book. She gave me a puzzle book to take to nap time that I had just got from a recent trip to Orlando. Shortly after Mommy got home she came in to get me from my nap but she heard me giggling and opted to let me giggle for a few minutes. Mommy finally came in and I was all colored red! My book apparently had a marker for maze puzzles and I got bored with the puzzles and opted for a Breighton re-coloring. It all washed off and thankfully I didn’t color on anything that got in into trouble.


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