I Like Scaring Mommy and Daddy

Today was a wonderful day. I got to go for a LONG walk with Mommy while she delivered newsletters to the neighborhood. We used a map and went “orienteering” to find the park. I made a few wrong choices in directions but I was really skilled at knowing where we were on the map. I really like maps! We found the playground on the map and went to the jungle gym. I suddenly LOVE slides and was very brave on the playground equipment. Mommy had a fun time watching me roll pine cones down the slides.

I ran around on the tennis courts until I could run no more! Daddy met up with us with the car and we went to Costco and Target to wander around for a bit. Then headed off to the Dunedin Art Harvest. It was a ZOO but we had a great time. I liked looking at all the different mediums that people made animals out of (wood, glass, photos, paint, metal and ceramics). We were all tired and decided to head home.

Mommy said she wasn’t going to make me take a nap today in hopes that I get a good nights sleep. Well, I fooled her… we were in the car heading home and I fell asleep in mid-sentence. Mommy and Daddy drove up and got ice cream while I napped.

When we got home (45 minutes later) I was just waking up and a bit groggy so it took me a while to boot up. Daddy was working on some signs for next weekend and I was playing on the floor of Mommy & Daddy’s bedroom while he worked(Mommy had run outside to look at a completed sign). I got up and wanted to “measure” Daddy with the tape measure. Well, I got a BIT excited and whacked my head into the corner of the dresser! I started to cry pretty hard as Daddy comforted me and screamed for Mommy. When Mommy came running into the room I cuddled into her arms. I was crying really hard. Then I threw up… a LOT. Mommy finally got me calmed down and cleaned up. So then it was “check Breighton for bumps and pupil dilation” to make sure I didn’t have a concussion. Well, I answered all Mommy’s questions that she drilled me with. There was only an eraser size bump on my forehead. I was back to normal within just a few minutes.

Mommy said she doesn’t really like being thrown up on so much this month. I don’t blame her. It is yucky.

Well, I am fine now and it is a while before bed so Mommy & Daddy can keep watching to make sure I am okay. They think the only reason I got sick was that I got upset and still have a bit on a lingering cough from being sick… so it was just a rough situation for me.

Good thing about the whole BUMP is that for the rest of the night I will be treated even more special than I always am treated. hehe.

Maybe I can have TWO desserts!?? Ya’ think??

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