Gymboree Halloween

Friday Night I went to a Halloween Party at Gymboree. I dressed as a monkey, as it was a LOT cooler than the lion or puppy costumes I had. Thanks Mommy for the more comfy comfortable outfit to wear. PLus, I really didn’t need a costume to be a monkey! I am a silly one already!

I enjoyed stirring the witches brew.


Playing in the pumpkin patch.


I got to go in the art room and make a spooky ghost and a spider!

I enjoyed taking the caps of the markers and then sticking all the markers inside the tube for my ghost.


It was fun the color the paper towel (we were just supposed to color the tube… but I like to be different.)


It made my ghost look pretty neat!


Here he is! I call him GHOST!


Then I flew him around the room at lightening speed.


Back to the play floor for more fun games and climbing.

I hid in the rainbow barrel.


Mommy flopped it over and then rolled me around, that was FUN!


I still looked goofy a few minutes later! hehe


Just being CUTE!


Climbing like the monkey that I am!


I was VERY tuckered out by the time we got home and had dinner. I had a quick bath and then curled up with Daddy on the sofa and watched Winnie-The-Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween on DVD.


I have been sleeping much better now that I am feeling better. Mommy and Daddy are still coughing and trying to get back to normal. Mommy said her sides hurt so bad when she coughs. Hopefully the Dr can give her some good medicine or advice soon! I want my Mommy to feel better so we can go play more.

We did spend 2 hours at the park the other day. I really enjoyed getting back to normal life things. No more being cooped up in the house. And time for a break from Legos (just for a little bit!!!). Can’t keep me from my Legos!

2 thoughts on “Gymboree Halloween”

  1. I think the monkey one was better too. They are WAY much better than puppies and lions…or so i think so. I’m gonna have to get your autograph, you’re turning out to be a “Michelangelo”.

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