What Else is New?

I woke up last night with a horrid nightmare at about 3am. I was screaming at the top of my lungs and Mommy came to check on me. She opened the door and I screamed “LAUREN!!!!”. I just remember a nightmare of sorts but can’t remember the details. Mommy snuggled with me for a while until I fell back asleep. I insisted that she keep her hand on my tummy until I fell asleep. I held her finger like I did when I was a little baby. It was very comforting after a bad nightmare. Thanks Mommy!

Other than that I have been slightly aggressive this week. Hitting, biting, throwing and just being defiant. Maybe it is the fact that I am two? Maybe it night be the Molars… I have only ever bit when I was teething. Lately EVERYTHING goes in my mouth again.

I have been driving Daddy and Mommy batty with a new phrase “Hiiii-ya!” and then I CHOP something… sometimes Mommy, sometimes the cat, sometimes my FRIENDS! Ugh! Mommy is trying to curb it by taking away my Lumpies… that seems to be working. I think I picked it up from a friend the other day… it was all innocent… but my imagination and ability to get under my parents skin allowed it to become a full blown annoying new habit! It too shall pass!???

That is all for now. Looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend with family… it will probably rain the entire time just to drive us all nuts!

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  1. Hi Laurie,
    It was great talking with you today. We should definitely keep in touch. Your work on this blog is incredible. Now I see how you are keeping so busy. Wow! Breighton is really tall and does look just like David. How cute.
    Here is my email, hopefully you are the only one that can view it.
    Take care,

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