Destination… BEACH!

Okay so the Florida weather is cooling off just enough to actually enjoy the beach, but only before 11am. Last Sunday Mommy, Daddy and I made a trip out to Clearwater Beach (main beach) to walk around and stretch my legs. I really like the playground at Pier 60 but once I got bored with it we headed to the big sandy beach. I crawled around in the tire tracks from the beachcomber and tried to erase them all. Normally I want NOTHING to do with the water but today was a LOT different!

I found a LOT of pretty shells and shared them all with Mommy.


I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the waves…


But they did make me laugh…


I laughed so hard I fell over and a wave splashed me!!!


Make that TWO waves…


Okay, THREE!


I finally got back to shore and faced the waves and told them “LEAVE B. B. ALONE!”


Then I relaxed on the sand where the waves weren’t so rough and enjoyed the beach a bit more!


Mommy had heard about taking baby powder to the beach to get the sand off. WOW that worked WONDERS! A little powder dried up all the moisture and sand and it all fell right off with a quick brush of the towel. Great tip!

I really enjoyed my day at the beach and I can’t wait to go back soon!

Busy Week For ME!

This week I have had a LOT of fun! Thursday I got to go to Future Flipz in Clearwater. I LOVE it there! I have a blast in the foam pit and swinging on all the bars. I pretend to be a monkey… OHHH AHHH OHHHH EEEEE!


At Global Kids this week we learned about volcanos! We made one out of Styrofoam and packing peanuts.


Then learned about lava. The teacher mixed vinegar and baking soda. It was neat to see the eruption!


Then in my art classes (Friday and Saturday!) we played in shaving cream on a tumble mat. Saturday the teacher (Miss Rhonda) put green paint with the shaving cream and I turned into a little leprechaun. I really liked to roll in the slime and laughed very hard when I would fall down. Good thing Mommy & Daddy had the idea to strip me down to just a diaper! Mommy said it was NO fun to clean up but it was worth it seeing my smile!

Tummy Rolling


I just can’t seem to stay upright.


Let’s try upside down!


Maddy and I kept colliding!


After class on Saturday I got all cleaned up and Mommy, Daddy and I went to Costco for a few grocery items. There were a BUNCH of people from the US Coast Guard promoting boating safety. I got to climb in and play on the BIG boat!


They even let me drive!!!


What an unexpected surprise!


My weekend continues with a trip to visit Cousin Nick for his birthday party after my nap today! What a busy boy I am!

Avoid 53 bank!

Fifth Third bank is one of the worst banks Mommy and Daddy have ever dealt with. If you bank with them, you might want to consider switching banks! Trying to deal with them today left Mommy and Daddy very upset (which of course made me upset!) Daddy already had moved his corporate accounts to BB&T since they are much nicer people and care about your business. It’s a shame that 53 has lost it’s focus on their customers!

Story Time

I had a great time at story time today at the Safety Harbor Library. I woke up in a cranky mood again and Mom was thinking twice about taking me today. When I saw my friend Lauren I perked right up and started acting all goofy. But we both calmed down for fun with story time.

Here is a picture of Lauren and I doing the jump/counting song. We like to hold hands! 🙂


As you can see… she jumps… I bounce. I will learn to jump someday! 🙂

Everyone thinks we are brother/sister! Oddly people think we are twins sometimes? Mommy doesn’t think we look that much alike other than the reddish hair! Lauren is about 4 months older than me.