I escaped….

Well, I gave Mommy a double heart attack today. She put me down for my nap like normal and needed to do some chores. Daddy was out getting his haircut. Well, Mommy decided to mow the lawn like she normally does on Thursday. I opted for executing escape plan #86. Sneak out of my room, out through the door to the garage and then through the side door to the backyard. I was apprehended as Mommy was coming through the gate. Mommy nearly fainted. I NEVER even get out of my bed until Mommy or Daddy come to get me. I self entertain very well and Mommy had no reason to put the escape proof handle on the door to my room. Well she does now! Mommy sat me on a chair in the backyard and let me watch her mow the last bit of the backyard. Then I ran around the yard for a few minutes and Mommy tucked me back into bed. Mommy went to shower and I executed escape plan #118, greet Mommy in the shower! Mommy just looked at me and said “UGH!”

Mommy got cleaned up and tucked me in AGAIN. By this point I just opted to NOT take my nap, again! I insisted that I would sleep if I had ALL the stuffed animals I could see up in my tree-house with me. It didn’t help me sleep, it just wound me up more! Well, I am cranky as all get-out and not considering a nap. So Mommy just threw up her arms and said “On with the day!”

We have played a lot of games and soon will go to Global Kids at Gymboree… where we will probably leave early because I will be a cranky pill. I think I should have taken that silly nap! In hindsight it wasn’t worth the struggle! Mommy is beat and needs a nap so she probably won’ be as FUN as she normally is. Oh well. Tomorrow we can start all over! 🙂 Right???

BTW: Mommy is putting the handle thing on my door tonight. I am sure Daddy will be very impressed with my new skills. I know I am! I don’t think Mommy is though! She said I could have gotten really hurt in the garage. Daddy will address that tonight when he gets home from shopping.

Daddy bought an iPhone yesterday once the price dropped. I got a new build-a-bear (like i needed another stuffed animal!) and a haircut. Mommy will post pictures of the haircut later… we found a new place at the mall in Tampa that allows you to sit in airplanes or cars and watch cartoons while they cut your hair! I also got a lollipop and a balloon! 🙂 It was really fun… and only $14!!! Not much cut off, just a neaten up and trim! 🙂

Fun but NOT fun…

Mommy took me to the mall to get out of the house today for a while. Daddy was busy working and Gymboree was closed. Mommy and I had a blast at the mall. I ran all over the place and had a wonderful time in the little play area. Mommy said it is more disgusting and germ ridden than Chuck E Cheese but I still enjoyed myself… A LOT!

Riding the turtle.

Driving the car. Except I didn’t fit too well in the car! Everything is ultra squishy!

Mommy and I did a little shopping and then headed to the car. She loaded me in my seat and hit the truck unlatch and it didn’t open. Mommy just grabbed the manual handle and tossed the stroller in the truck. She went to start the car and NADA! We were STUCK at the mall.

But after a very well choreographed exit strategy everyone was home safely and the car was at the dealership to get fixed. Thanks to all those who participated in the emergency get Breighton home before he melts down plan. Being that it all happened 30 minutes before my normal late nap time. Thanks to Grandma Jo for the ride home. Thanks to Grandma Susie for giving Daddy a ride home from the closed dealership (it was Labor Day!!!). Thanks to Daddy for helping Mommy not have a nervous breakdown in the mall parking lot! 🙂 Thanks to the lady at Orange Julius for selling us a smoothie to get me through the meltdown! And thanks to HONDA for putting such CRAPPY batteries in their cars! A battery should positively last more than 2 years… even in Florida. COME ON NOW!

What Else is New?

I woke up last night with a horrid nightmare at about 3am. I was screaming at the top of my lungs and Mommy came to check on me. She opened the door and I screamed “LAUREN!!!!”. I just remember a nightmare of sorts but can’t remember the details. Mommy snuggled with me for a while until I fell back asleep. I insisted that she keep her hand on my tummy until I fell asleep. I held her finger like I did when I was a little baby. It was very comforting after a bad nightmare. Thanks Mommy!

Other than that I have been slightly aggressive this week. Hitting, biting, throwing and just being defiant. Maybe it is the fact that I am two? Maybe it night be the Molars… I have only ever bit when I was teething. Lately EVERYTHING goes in my mouth again.

I have been driving Daddy and Mommy batty with a new phrase “Hiiii-ya!” and then I CHOP something… sometimes Mommy, sometimes the cat, sometimes my FRIENDS! Ugh! Mommy is trying to curb it by taking away my Lumpies… that seems to be working. I think I picked it up from a friend the other day… it was all innocent… but my imagination and ability to get under my parents skin allowed it to become a full blown annoying new habit! It too shall pass!???

That is all for now. Looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend with family… it will probably rain the entire time just to drive us all nuts!

What Happens After Dark??

I always wondered what went on after dark and I was asleep. I know that Mommy and Daddy had a friend over this week and they played games until late at night. I know that Mommy and Daddy make snacks and clean up the house… But i had NO idea things like this happened:

Apparently Daddy FORGOT how to make popcorn properly and we had an accident… it was ALL over the house!

Daddy threw up his arms and said “OOPSIE!”

Then blamed Mommy! Go figure! 🙂

Mommy said “Shame on you, don’t blame me for that MESS… I will help clean it up!