Diego Was Hungry

So, those of you who Mommy haven’t told: I AM OBSESSED WITH GO DIEGO GO! I admit it, I am! But what is not to love, animals and adventure! Did I mention the ANIMALS? I have perfected some new words “pygmy marmoset”, “Spectacled Bears”, “Anaconda” and many new other new animal names thanks to my pal Diego. I am going through another verbal explosion this month. I have also picked up the LOVELY phase “NO WAY!” and use it often. Mommy is trying to get me to say “No thank you” but I just don’t think that has the same impact? Does it?

Today Mommy and I went to wander around a shopping center to kill some time when Daddy had an important work call. We walked from one end to the other and I tripped on the way back. I skinned my knee, it may be my worst boo-boo ever (Mommy said…ummm. NO…. kiddo you didn’t even bleed! Just a tiny scratch!). But it HURT! I insisted that we go straight to the car to get boo-boo medicine and a band-aide. Along the way we past a shoe store… suddenly I felt a LOT better. I insisted that we go “soo-shopping”. So Mommy reluctantly took me inside where I proceeded to be VERY well behaved. After a few minutes I was done in the store and insisted again that my boo-boo HURT so off to the car we went to get me fixed up. Mommy played right into my drama and fixed me all up with a Curious George band-aide. Then off to the grocery and then home.

I lost my band-aide while playing in Daddy’s office so i told Mommy “Need more boo-boo medicine, please!”. So Mommy fixed me up again with a Go Diego Go band-aide. Thank goodness we have so many band-aides. I think I will get hurt a lot if the outcome is a cool band-aide. Sounds like a good idea, right Daddy??

After my boo-boo surgery on my knee I was sitting on the sofa chatting with Mommy and suddenly I darted off and came back with a Lego carrot bunch that goes with my farm Legos. I climbed on the sofa and told Mommy that “Diego is hungry, eat the carrots Diego”. I fed my Diego band-asie the carrots and felt much better.

Yes, I am totally of the wall insane sometimes and I am quite sure Mommy and Daddy wish the Gypsies would have come to get me a long time ago… but Mommy said moments like today make it all totally worth it! 🙂

Thanks Daddy for not dropping my off at the fire-station that night I was really tough (when I was 4 months old!) and thank you Mommy for staying home to play all day and teach me all sorts of fun ways to annoy Daddy! 🙂 I love you both!

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