Father’s Day

First off…

HAPPY Father’s Day to the best Daddy EVER!!!!

We all had a really nice day.

Grandma Susie helped me build an AWESOME tower of pop-blocks.
Dsc 4721-1
Cousin Anna enjoyed some downtime with her video games.
Dsc 4730-1
Cousin Ian watched “Twister” on the BIG TV.
Dsc 4728-1

Mommy snuggled a grumpy me. But I soon moved on to other things.
Dsc 4726-1

Great Grandma Thelma (GiGi) is back to her chipper self after her nasty fall a while back. She looks great for 92!!
Dsc 4732-1

Great Grandpa/Grandma Reed were happy to be with family.
Dsc 4739-1
Dsc 4758-1

Everyone ate lots of food and was very happy.
Mommy laughed a lot.
Dsc 4735-1

So did Grandma Susie.
Dsc 4761-1
Aunt Kim turned 45. Ugh! 🙂
Dsc 4743-1

I guess this is what happens when you turn 45? Huh?
Dsc 4759-1
Grandpa Howie ate WAY too many deviled eggs.
Dsc 4775-1

And had WAY WAY WAY WAY too much sugar!!!
Dsc 4733-1

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