Day 8- La Spezia

Dsc 2823

We had a tender today to get to shore. Port isn’t big enough for the large ships. The weather looked a bit on the chilly side and a bit overcast. Today we had the Lerici’s Castle and Dinosaurs tour booked. We met our excursion group and took the tender to shore to wait for our bus. We were boarding group 23. Bus 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27 & 28 where all waiting. No bus 23??? Huh! We waited a while and then were told that there was an error and we have to tender to our excursion. Everyone groaned.

Dsc 2845

We had to go back to the dock and thank goodness they brought the tender to the dock and didn’t make us go back to the ship and try again.

Dsc 2901
We were finally underway…storm clouds were building and it was getting a bit chillier.

Dsc 2924
Dsc 2935
Dsc 2936

We got to the “correct” place and waited for the guide to take us to the castle. It is hike up either “steep steps” or “long windy steps”. She led us through the long windy steps (NOT STROLLER FRIENDLY, DADDY HAD TO CARRY ME!!). We got to the castle and the doors were locked. HUH?? A few minutes later they opened the castle. Even with all our delays we were still there before it opened? It wasn’t all that spectacular. The dinosaurs pictures in the advertisement were pretty much all that was there.

Dsc 2947

Dsc 2954
The castle was rather small. It was interesting but just small.
Dsc 2966
Dsc 2988
I was the youngest kid on the tour and I suggest that you be at least 4 or a VERY well behaved 3.5 years old. There is a LOT of waiting and sitting.
Dsc 3011
We did a bit more tour of the castle and then all piled into a classroom of sorts for a lesson on how to make “plaster molds of fossils”. It was VERY drawn out and I got restles so Mommy kept leaving the room with me. Now mind you, the entire time it is rainy and COLD outside.

Dsc 3032
I had a jacket but it was getting wet. The stroller was wet too. Finally they poured the molds and then gave all of the kids ones that were already dry. It was neat to learn how the molds were made with positives and negatives but it just took SOOOO long for the guide to explain. Even the bigger kids were getting restless. I know a lot of the parents were! I got my cast and didn’t want to stay to paint it with the big kids so Daddy asked when we meet the boat and we took off on our own (so did many others). Apparently we missed a nice light snack but we found our own snacks.
Dsc 3035

Dsc 3054
Dsc 3044

Dsc 3071
The rain got worse and I started to cough really bad. Mommy wrapped me in her jacket and tried to keep me dry and warm. I was MISERABLE! I finally fell asleep and slept for a good 30 minutes.

Dsc 3083

Dsc 3129
Mommy & Daddy were not impressed with the tour at all. The weather was icky and it just wasn’t to what their expectations were. Can we go back to Gallura???? Daddy bought an umbrella to keep us a bit more dry and then a few animals for me to play with later on the ship. We went to the dock to get out of the rain (then it got windy). One of the tenders coming in (not ours) missed its slip and ran right into a little boat, rather entertaining! Our tender finally came and they took us straight back to the ship. I changed into warm clothing, as did Mommy. Daddy went off with G’ma/G’pa to explore the port for a while. Honestly you can get to most of the places pretty easy here. The port is very nice and there are a lot of nice places to eat and get snacks and shops. They had a “flea market” of-sorts set up today (Saturday) that was closing down for the 1-4 siesta! Charming little place and probably way more enjoyable when it isn’t raining and cold.

Mommy and I got some snacks at the pool-side and checked in at Flounders for later. My cough isn’t too bad but it will keep me from the nursery tonight. Mommy said that is okay, tonight was the family night at Palo. She will just stay behind with me if my cough doesn’t improve. Maybe if I take a nap I will feel better. Mommy did buy me some cough medicine at Guest Services (Health center was closed and so were the gift shops since we are in port). I took the medicine and did NOT like the flavor and gagged and spit up. Ugh! Mommy just wants me to take another nap, PLEASE!

Since I was coughing really bad so Mommy couldn’t let me go to the nursery. Daddy/G’ma/G’pa went to Palo for dinner and were totally stuff with food again.
Mommy and I strolled the decks after my bath an that is where my night turned bad. We grabbed a snack and came to sit in the room and relax. I started coughing really bad and couldn’t stop…my body just said…I AM DONE… and I threw up all over the stateroom. Mommy tossed me in the tub and got the room steward to help out (since everyone else was at Palo). Our LOVELy room steward cleaned the floors and changed the sheets and towels. Mommy got me all cleaned up. Shortly Daddy came in to bring Mommy some “to-go” from Palo (he ran down in the middle of the meal!!). Mommy sent Daddy away and said we were all under control but Grandma Jo came shortly after. We snuggled on the bed until I fell asleep at 8:15 watching my animal movie on Mommy’s laptop. I got a good nights rest.

Tomorrow I turn two, hopefully I feel better! 🙂

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