Day 7- at sea

At sea day today so I was up with the sunshine. Hung out in the room and watched the Tigger Movie while Mommy & Daddy got cleaned up. We went to the Oceaneers Club because they had two fun sounding things on the schedule. “5-4-3-2-1 Blast Off” and “Animal Time”. I made some fun rocket ship crafts and animal crafts. I got to play with a bunch of hard plastic animals… my heaven! 🙂 I really had a good time. Then it was time to go check into the nursery. Apparently Mommy & Daddy had a brainless moment and forgot that we had canceled the nursery for today because we had Palo brunch the other day. Silly parents. It was fine with me because I wanted NOTHING to do with the nursery again. We did stop in so I could play a bit but just a bit…10 min and I was ready to go.

We returned to the room for some down time. Someone from maintenance came in and did work on our squeaky door (the one Daddy shoved paper in the other night to keep quiet… he said he should have brought “shims” with him!). I watched Aladdin again, go figure! 🙂 I was curled up with Mommy watching the movie and Daddy was on the sofa. Suddenly Mommy realized that I feel asleep. It is only 11:30! She put me in the crib and sent Daddy for food for her, which food made her tummy turn. Mommy doesn’t like when the ship moves, even thought it isn’t moving much.

Daddy is now off with G’/ma/G’pa for a sit down lunch while Mommy and I get some more rest in.

Today is Daddy’s birthday. 34!! hehe I can’t wait to urn 2 in two days. June 3! :0 It is PIRATES night on my b-day! 🙂 FUN!
I took a very long nap and then was out of sorts for a few hours afterwards. Mommy said I am acting like I am coming down with a cold, maybe? It is probably just teething and general crankiness due to lack of proper sleep. I enjoyed dinner and dressing semi-formal for the Prince and Princess Gala. I was too tired to make the show and so was everyone else. Daddy had a nice birthday cake at dinner and apparently somehow the ship is confused and thought it was G’ma/G’pa anniversary? They brought them a cake and sang them a song too, strange! 🙂 Their anniversary is in December. Do half anniversaries count? hehe

After dinner Daddy brought me to the room so Mommy could finish her desert. I changed into my jammies and curled up with Mommy and watched the “pig movie” (Charlotte’s Web) while Daddy did some photo editing of the last few days shots. I was asleep by 9:30 and Mommy and Daddy by 10ish. The phone rang at 2am with a call from the alarm company back home. Daddy & Mommy got nervous and called home and Grandma Susie was already on the way to the house. She had just left a bit before. Phew! All was okay, silly cats must have set the motion detectors off! I figure that is what did it since I can set off the glass break sensors while playing with my TOYS! 🙂 Either way Mommy didn’t get much sleep but that’s okay.

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