Day 9- Marselle

It’s my birthday!!!! I am 2 today!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

I got up early 6:30 and rolled around in my crib for a bit. Around 7:15 I coughed and coughed and coughed and spit up again. Mommy said that was that and she bathed me and dressed me and down to the health center we went. I have a minor upper respiratory issue and low and behold an ear infection! Go figure! I am used to them so they gave me good antibiotics and a clearance to return to activity just take it easy today. I got to have some pedialyte popcicles and I feel much better. The coughing is letting up and I am back to my jolly goofy self.

We missed out excursion today but were able to get a refund since I went to the on ship health center. Not a bad bill at the health center. $203 and $80 of that was the medicine. I have pricey antibiotics since it takes a good course to knock things out of my system. Daddy was very pleased that they shore excursion got credited for us.

Once I was feeling better we took the shuttle to Marselle and wandered around town for a while.

Dsc 3142

Up and down streets…

Dsc 3164

Mommy wanted a French crepe but we never found any that looked good. Oh well! We can make them at home anyway! 🙂 I got a neat necklace for my birthday from Daddy.

Dsc 3183

It is a nice tough rope so it should hold up to my abuse! 🙂 It was only 5e at a shop in town. Neato! I saw a live Octopus on a table and thought that was nearly the highligt of my day.
Dsc 3202

Dsc 3207

Marselle is a beautiful port and the ships in the area are fantastic. I got to see a man feeding a flock of pigeons.

Dsc 3232

Really fun for me. He threw food close to me so all the pigeons came flying over to me. I really enjoyed that many birds.
Dsc 3268

Dsc 3291

We headed back to the ship for some lunch (they had a chocolate fountain at Topsiders today… YUMMY!).

Dsc 3296

Mommy said between the pedialyte (which is basically pure sugar water) and all the marshmallows and cookies I ate, that I am going to be a MAJOR hyper kid today. Hey, it is my birthday! Plus all the food I ate yesterday suddenly doesn’t count! 🙂 hehe

Tonight is Pirates night so I will dress my Mickey Pirate best! 🙂 Tomorrow we are in Villefranche and do not have any excursions booked. We are all going to take a taxi to Eze and wander the city. I can’t wait to spend the day with G’ma and G’pa again. I have missed them the last few days.

Oh yeah, I got a few b-day gifts from DISers! 🙂 THANKS! Sam, thanks for the Mickey Mouse. I love him already! 🙂

I am going to try to take a nap for a while… if I can. I had taken a short nap in the stroller which probably ruined any more chance of a nap for me, but I will try.

Never did take a good nap. We opted to RUN the decks of the nearly empty ship.

Dsc 3306

Dsc 3329
I played some ping-pong. I am the CHAMP!

Dsc 3346

Dsc 3495-1

Dsc 3476
Dsc 3435
I showed Mommy & Daddy how everything on the ship worked.

Dsc 3390
I explored the trashcan.
Dsc 3360

I found a place to sit and enjoy the view.
Dsc 3507
Dsc 3514
Dsc 3523

Then we watched some Finding Nemo pool-side again. FUN! 🙂

Dsc 3599

I was a pill at dinner but got better towards the end. The pirate thing was pretty neat for me. I got to dance with Mommy & Grandma Jo all around the room with everyone in the dining area. Yo-ho Yo-ho a pirates life for me! 🙂 After dinner Mommy didn’t feel well (bad morning sickness day and new seafood aversion..icky!) so we retired to the room where I had a nice bath and watched Lilo & Stitch on the room TV. Daddy went with G’ma/G’pa to the show (sort of Cirque D’Solei meets Mickey’s Dreams) and enjoyed it a lot. Daddy came back to the room after the show and was exhausted. I crashed about 9 pm after Mommy said I was too tired to be awake. After a long day and the sickness I feel a lot better than I did yesterday and this morning. Antibiotics are my friend!

Oh yeah, the room steward gave me a little model of the ship for my birthday! 🙂 I got a cake at dinner (wasn’t that yummy… I like gelato better).

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  1. Glad you liked the mickey Brieghton. Sorry we did not get chance to have a proper play date we were just sooo busy having a wail of a time on the boat – mommy cried at dinner on the last night she was so sad it was over and daddy was really miserable to leave on debarkation morning. Mommy is trying to arrange for us to do another cruise to cheer me and daddy up.


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