Day 6- Civitavecchia -Rome Port

Day 6: Civitavecchia- Rome Port

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I opted for an early rise with the sun today, mainly because we had nothing to do so it is only fair to keep Mommy on her toes. I sleep in when I have to get up and get up early when I can sleep in! :0 My control in life! We had a quick breakfast at Topsiders (buffet) and then headed into the port. We took a shuttle to the end of the pier (apx 1.5miles) and then wandered around. We walked along the water and enjoyed the cool breeze and spectacular view. then we wandered into town and window shopped (surprisingly a lot of shopping if you are willing to be on foot), bought some pastries (what we do best!) and even visited a market. Think flea market meets fresh fish/veggies/meats/cheeses. Similar to the Ballaro Market from Palermo but quite larger. Mostly locals buying food and necessities. Quite a large number of clothing (discount) tables. We didn’t buy anything but enjoyed the sights and smells. Mommy said she didn’t like the seafood smell, it is apparently now a pregnancy aversion and the thought of seafood makes her tummy turn. UGH! We wandered the streets a bit more and Daddy bought me a LUMPY! He is from the European Disney stores, very soft and cuddly, and ALL MINE! Happy early Birthday to ME! hehe! (Btw: Lumpy was 25e.. sorry Daddy a bit expensive but I must have my Lumpys!!!)

We wandered back towards the water and found a place to sit and eat. I had a Nutella filled and covered crepe. Mommy and Daddy split a small pizza and a foccacia type ham and cheese sandwich. Grandma had a haw and cheese crepe and Grandpa had fresh mozzarella and a salad. The bill came to 39e.. of which soda cost nearly 3e each!!! I suggest bring your sippy cup (or a water bottle if you prefer!) and forgo the CocaCola Light in port. Drink your soda on the ship where it is free!!

I found a neat train to ride and INSISTED that I ride it for a LONG time. Hey, it IS my birthday! Oh wait, no it isn’t!!! hehe
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We needed to walk off lunch, so we all took the long walk back to the boat rather than the shuttle. The ship is nearly empty and not much is going on. Back to the room for us for Mommy to help me Blog and then I will take a nap. Daddy has gone up to Deck 9 because his wireless connection doesn’t work well in the room, Mommy’s does though!??

They are showing Pirates again tonight but the times don’t work well for us. We will probably miss it again. G’ma/G’pa have Palo tonight. I am in the nursery for a few hours so Mommy an Daddy can enjoy some down time and a break from me, why they would want that I do not understand! I plan on the Mickey Pool after my nap for a while and then maybe an ice cream or two?

Finished the day out just great.

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After my nap I went to Mickey’s Pool again. It was empty. I was the only one there so I had to pool to myself. I enjoyed floating on Mommy’s back and running all around. I even practiced my swimming a bit.
Dsc 2516

Dsc 2554

Dsc 2579
Dsc 2627
Dsc 2673
Dsc 2731
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Then we grabbed me some dinner from Goofy’s Galley and headed to the room for a bath and food for me. Mommy & Daddy got cleaned up too and then dropped me at the nursery. I cried when I was dropped off and Mommy was nervous so she came back to check on me and couldn’t find me! I was asleep? I woke up just as she came by so Mommy didn’t worry too much and then Mommy & Daddy went and played some ping-ping and then had dinner. G’ma/G’pa were at Palos tonight and had a wonderful meal! Sylvester (their server, same one Mommy & Daddy had) sent a to-go of steak and roaster garlic and 2 soufflés for Mommy & Daddy! He is so wonderful. Mommy & Daddy enjoyed their food in a nearly empty dining room. Food was great and the service was beyond spectacular again! 🙂 thank goodness for their change in servers/tables. The Rome day is rather interesting in the dining area because they are expecting 1100+ people back on the ship just as their dining starts at 8:30! I am sure there will be tales of a mixed up dinner. Early seating was nearly empty as usual. I guess they had invited some of the late diners that didn’t have excursions to dine early tonight! 🙂 Good idea for traffic control.

After dinner Mommy & Daddy sprung me from the nursery. I spent my entire enlistment hiding under a blanket in a crib in the back of the nursery. I didn’t want ANYTHING to do with ANYONE! They tried to get me to watch a movie but I just hid. Plus I didn’t like the movie they had on and come other kid was sleeping on the remote control! Oh Bother. One of the workers just sat on the floor next to my crib and kept an eye on me. Mommy & Daddy couldn’t have come soon enough. I clung to Mommy the rest of the night. I had a quick cookie (okay, 2 cookies!!!) and got in my jammies and watched Aladdin for the second time today with Mommy. Daddy is off to see the Pirates 3 movie. Mommy wrapped up my movie and is reading tomorrows “Personal Navigator”.

Tomorrow is “Prince and Princess” theme and they are having a show called “Twice Charmed”. Sounds fun! But this means that yet again we managed to miss the SHOW at Animators Palace. Guess we will have to take another cruise soon just for the show!

Night night… I miss my family and friends… and my own bed! 🙁

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