Blog updated

Okay, Mommy finally got her tushie in gear and got all the pictures from the vacation posted as well as everything else she promised to post. So there are new edits and posts going back to mid May now.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

I am having a hard time with MONSTERS this week. I think I see them everywhere. Mommy & Daddy are trying to help me understand but I just don’t get it. I still keep getting so scared and wanting Daddy to hunt the monster or dragon. Maybe it will pass… *cross fingers*

Good Nights Sleep

Well, we can check that off my list of things to do in life. I went to bed at 8pm and woke up at almost 8am today. Mommy was VERY happy because Daddy had an ice cream late last night that had a fair amount of not just corn syrup but also high fructose corn syrup. So basically, Daddy couldn’t fall asleep. In fact he was up so late that he is STILL sleeping right now (8:30am). Poor Daddy. Mommy felt like crawling out of her skin from her ice cream too. We all broke the rule of no corn syrup products within 8 hours of sleep!

I was so rested that this morning I got up and have not wanted to watch TV at all. Mommy has been reading and now we are playing Legos again. Another LONG day of Legos…. is that okay Mommy?

Off day

Today I INSISTED that Mommy “Leave BB alone, PLEASE!” She walked out of my room and then a few minutes later I realized I chased away my play-mate and went and got her! Sorry Mommy. We played a LOT of Legos today. We built farms and towers and jungles for my animals. After we had dinner Mommy and I were playing on the floor in the living room and I turned as white as a ghost and snuggled into Mommy’s arms and started crying “Dragon…dragon”. We had to call Daddy in to hunt it and see that it was for sure gone. Daddy was a good hunter and chased away the dragon. I was nearly in tears for about 30 minutes.

Afterwards I climbed on the sofa when I heard the “Ice Cream Truck” . I kept telling Mommy “Mommy LISTEN!… ICE CREAM TRUUUU-K”. Mommy and Daddy gave in and bought me Dora Ice Pop. I ate it in the bath… it was yummy.

I am tired and ready for bed early tonight. I have been having allergy issues and my eyes are all runny. I need a good nights sleep.

Mommy said she is almost ready to do pictures. She just has to learn the new program Daddy put the pictures in.

Father’s Day

First off…

HAPPY Father’s Day to the best Daddy EVER!!!!

We all had a really nice day.

Grandma Susie helped me build an AWESOME tower of pop-blocks.
Dsc 4721-1
Cousin Anna enjoyed some downtime with her video games.
Dsc 4730-1
Cousin Ian watched “Twister” on the BIG TV.
Dsc 4728-1

Mommy snuggled a grumpy me. But I soon moved on to other things.
Dsc 4726-1

Great Grandma Thelma (GiGi) is back to her chipper self after her nasty fall a while back. She looks great for 92!!
Dsc 4732-1

Great Grandpa/Grandma Reed were happy to be with family.
Dsc 4739-1
Dsc 4758-1

Everyone ate lots of food and was very happy.
Mommy laughed a lot.
Dsc 4735-1

So did Grandma Susie.
Dsc 4761-1
Aunt Kim turned 45. Ugh! 🙂
Dsc 4743-1

I guess this is what happens when you turn 45? Huh?
Dsc 4759-1
Grandpa Howie ate WAY too many deviled eggs.
Dsc 4775-1

And had WAY WAY WAY WAY too much sugar!!!
Dsc 4733-1