Off day

Today I INSISTED that Mommy “Leave BB alone, PLEASE!” She walked out of my room and then a few minutes later I realized I chased away my play-mate and went and got her! Sorry Mommy. We played a LOT of Legos today. We built farms and towers and jungles for my animals. After we had dinner Mommy and I were playing on the floor in the living room and I turned as white as a ghost and snuggled into Mommy’s arms and started crying “Dragon…dragon”. We had to call Daddy in to hunt it and see that it was for sure gone. Daddy was a good hunter and chased away the dragon. I was nearly in tears for about 30 minutes.

Afterwards I climbed on the sofa when I heard the “Ice Cream Truck” . I kept telling Mommy “Mommy LISTEN!… ICE CREAM TRUUUU-K”. Mommy and Daddy gave in and bought me Dora Ice Pop. I ate it in the bath… it was yummy.

I am tired and ready for bed early tonight. I have been having allergy issues and my eyes are all runny. I need a good nights sleep.

Mommy said she is almost ready to do pictures. She just has to learn the new program Daddy put the pictures in.

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