Just a quick note:

Today I was once again woken up to Mommy rubbing my back and saying “Time to go see Mickey”. We had the character breakfast today. It wasn’t as fun as I had hoped. I like it better when the characters come to your table so you can take pictures rather than the new Island Jam theme where they basically dance around and sing songs and play games. I still liked seeing the characters. No one (Mom, Dad, G’ma, G’pa or me) was impressed with breakfast. Cold eggs and cold Mickey waffles. Oh well!

Me and Grandma Jo dancing to the Jam.
Dsc 0712

My gal Minnie!
Dsc 0720

Grandma Jo and I tuckered out from dancing.
Dsc 0719
I played at the nursery today when G’ma/G’pa/Mom/Dad ate brunch at Palo’s. They picked me up 2 hours later and could barely move from all the tasty food. Mommy was sad that there was no fresh roasted garlic but she enjoyed the garlic filled hummus instead! We did a quick buss through of the Roy Suite (thanks Ron/Monica for sharing!!) where I fell asleep right as we walked in the door. Everyone got their lanyards and then went our separate ways. Mommy is watching me while I nap. Everyone else went to the stem-to-stern wine tasting.

DISers have been dropping off all sorts of candy/magnets/and other treats… I even got a little stuffed turtle!!! I LOVE turtles! 🙂

More later, hopefully they can work out the internet kinks or Mommy will be venturing downstairs to the lounge to do all of this…UGH!

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