Day 1 on the mouse ship

Today was a busy day again. Busy waiting in lines… but not that bad. We got up early this morning, by we I mean Mommy & Daddy I slept in!

The bellhop came and took our luggage to take it to the Mickey ship and we enjoyed another WONDERFUL free breakfast at the Hilton Diagonal Mar (Breakfast is 35e/person normally… DCL included the mean with the hotel stay!!!). After breakfast we took a taxi from the hotel to the port (~9e) because we wanted to get on the ship pretty early to fix our dining time and try to get Palo brunch and high tea.

Finally we are HERE!
We met a TON of DISers… too many to name. Everyone was SOOO wonderful. I ran around the terminal until we could finally get onboard. I got to meet Mickey too!
They also had entertainment.

This was a human statue…neato!

And Dancers…

Once onboard, Daddy went and took care of the food issues… we got brunch and are #2 on the wait-list for high-tea. They said that there are over 1000 Castaway Club members on the boat this time… that is a LOT… so Palo will obviously be hard to get! We checked me into Flounders for pre-registration and verified all my times that I will go there. We also learned that there are only 33 kids under 3 on the ship this time! WOW!!!! So Mommy & Daddy could book over the 10 hour preliminary limit with no issues. We showed G’ma and G’pa around the ship and then went to our rooms to unpack. One of G’mas suitcases went missing but eventually showed up.

(there it is!!!!)

I took a quick stroller nap and then played in the room as Mommy & Daddy got all unpacked. We then took G’ma on a run of the hallways. I am a pretty fast little kiddo! Then back to the room to get ready for the life-boat drill. Just like last cruise… I HATED it!!!!

Dsc 0678
Dsc 0695
Dsc 0688
Get this darn thing off of me!!! NOW!

We finished the drill and headed to Animator’s Palate for dinner. It was a “non-show night” so the room just stayed black and white. The wait staff was trying so very hard but things were very confusing. No staggered dining meant everyone piled in at one time and AP is a muster station so they had to turn from muster to service in about 15 minutes!!! Once the meal got going things started to click in Disney style. Mommy and Daddy had Lobster over pasta. G’ma & G’pa both had the beef wellington. I had mac-n-cheese (aka No-nees at least that is what i call them!!). Everyone enjoyed their meals and deserts too. I downed an entire bowl of ice-cream Reed-stlye… GULP GULP GULP! The small spoon slowed me down a bit! hehe

After dinner a quick bath and then we headed up to the first night show. Very good… the comedian had everyone rolling on the floor. I tried to nap through a bit of it but was just too excited to see the characters. It was nice to be introduced to the executive crew members. Someday I want to be a Captain of the largest ship in the world… hehe Shows over… AWESOME SHOW… and I am heading to bed. No deck party for us tonight… I am beat.

Tomorrow is a full day for us:
Character Breakfast
Palo Brunch (I go to Flounders)
DIS meet in the Roy Suite
Stem to Stern wine tasting for G’ma/G’pa/Daddy
Tea with Alice and the Mad Hatter

I think we will be eating our way to the next port??? ugh!

2 thoughts on “Day 1 on the mouse ship”

  1. I’m enjoying the trip along with you. Keep up the blog and I’ll feel like I was there too. Grandma Susie

  2. Found your blog from disboards. I’m going on the Disney Cruise with my four year old brother and my parents on June 6. So fun to read about your trip as I prepare for mine.

    -Nicholas, 2 years old

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