Day 2 con’t

Daddy/G’ma/G’pa did not enjoy the Stem-to-Stern wine tasting. They said the wines were all sour tasting. I would probably believe them because they all drink and know their wine so well. I drink milk in my sippy cup, sometimes Mommy makes me watered down lemonade! I only took a short nap and then made Mommy chase me all over the ship until it was time for Tea with Alice and the Mad Hatter.

Dsc 0739
Tea was, interesting. It is free so we can’t complain too much. They seated us towards the back of a section and I could not see the characters very well at all. I liked the cookies but the tea was… well NOT MILK! I like milk with my cookies.

Dsc 0740

Dsc 0757

Dsc 0758
Mommy was upset that they didn’t have highchairs and I was squirmy so she didn’t really get to enjoy tea. I think tea is more targeted at girls 4-10 years of age. Grandpa Howie participated and even got out of his chair and spun in circles! I giggled.

Dsc 0760

After tea we headed to the room for some R & R before… *shrug*

Daddy took a nap. Mommy and I watched Sword and the Stone on the TV. We all were too full and didn’t feel like a formal night tonight so we opted for a casual night, early show and buffet dinner. Tonight was the Golden Mickeys. I was very squirmy again at the beginning but once things got moving I settled in for the show. I really thought the show was quite keen. There were lots of characters and music and stageshows. FUN! I did accidently kicked the lady in front of me in the back, Sorry Lady!!! She didn’t complain. Everyone was dressed really fancy and we all felt a little out of place. Normally it is hit or miss with the formal wear but there are not a lot of kids on the ship this run so it seems that more people did the “formal” thing.

We ate a quick but YUMMY dinner at Topsiders and then I ran the hallways for a while and now I am off to bed.

It wasn’t a bad day but with icky rainy weather and back to back to back events we all got tuckered out. Mommy is doing well, no major morning-sickness and the seas have been relatively calm.

Tomorrow we are in Palermo, Sicily (Italy) and have the Palermo and Ballaro Market tour booked.

3 thoughts on “Day 2 con’t”

  1. Avidly reading your reports as we are on the 06/06 med cruise ! Our babies are 14 yo and 17 yo now though !! Fancied the wine tasting now not so sure … were they european wines ??

    Have a fun cruise .


  2. Thanks so much for blogging! How crowded were the Golden Mickeys? We’ll likely be casual on Formal night as well – DH says he’s only packing a tie so we may skip dinner in the dining rooms in favor of Topsiders. We’re sailing July 18th.

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