I woke up this morning at 6:15 and Mommy just couldn’t get motivated to come get me right away. She said I was quiet so she just let me have down time. Well, at almost 7:30 she came in to check on me and I was asleep on the floor. I brought all my Lumpys out of the bed and made a nice little nest on the floor. Daddy got out the new camera and took pictures until I woke up! Thanks for the bright flash Daddy!

Me Sound Asleep

Waking up…

Not quite there yet…

Can I go back to sleep Daddy?

Today we went to Grandma Jo’s house and I went swimming with Mommy and Daddy again. Here is a picture from the other day of me in the pool. I run right to the steps and in now! UGH!


Grandma and Grandpa got me a REALLY nifty kitchen/bar-b-que playset. Daddy, Mommy & Grandma Jo put it together and watched me play for a while. Mommy will post a picture when she gets them from Grandma sometime… no rush! 🙂

The tree in the front yard is GONE! All that is left is a stump that they will grind out tomorrow. Bye bye tree… maybe the new tree I can climb when I get bigger! 🙂

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