Germ Lockdown

I don’t think I like germ-lockdown that much. Mommy & Daddy said no playdates, Gymboree or general unsanitary areas where kids hang out.. at least not for a few more days. We are getting ready for our BIG vacation and I don’t want to be sick! 🙂

Mommy is feeling fine with just minor morning sickness and heartburn… at least it isn’t contagious. Someday I will teach my baby sibling all about EVERYTHING! Since I know a lot, I should do rather well at this! 🙂

I did get to swim in Grandma Jo’s pool today. I tried to dunk her under water. I really enjoyed splashing Grandma and Mommy. I slipped off the step and swam right to the wall and kept telling Mommy I was “stuck”. Eventually I hand over hand walked to the step. Swimming lessons really gave me more confidence and I enjoy the pool a LOT more now.

I am going to update my blog when I am on vacation as much as I can. Daddy and Mommy both got new cameras so maybe the new pictures will be a bit better in quality.

I am excited to swim in the Mickey Pool on the ship…WOO HOO!!!!!

Okay, off to watch a little Curious George! 🙂

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