Day 6- Civitavecchia -Rome Port

Day 6: Civitavecchia- Rome Port

Dsc 2334

I opted for an early rise with the sun today, mainly because we had nothing to do so it is only fair to keep Mommy on her toes. I sleep in when I have to get up and get up early when I can sleep in! :0 My control in life! We had a quick breakfast at Topsiders (buffet) and then headed into the port. We took a shuttle to the end of the pier (apx 1.5miles) and then wandered around. We walked along the water and enjoyed the cool breeze and spectacular view. then we wandered into town and window shopped (surprisingly a lot of shopping if you are willing to be on foot), bought some pastries (what we do best!) and even visited a market. Think flea market meets fresh fish/veggies/meats/cheeses. Similar to the Ballaro Market from Palermo but quite larger. Mostly locals buying food and necessities. Quite a large number of clothing (discount) tables. We didn’t buy anything but enjoyed the sights and smells. Mommy said she didn’t like the seafood smell, it is apparently now a pregnancy aversion and the thought of seafood makes her tummy turn. UGH! We wandered the streets a bit more and Daddy bought me a LUMPY! He is from the European Disney stores, very soft and cuddly, and ALL MINE! Happy early Birthday to ME! hehe! (Btw: Lumpy was 25e.. sorry Daddy a bit expensive but I must have my Lumpys!!!)

We wandered back towards the water and found a place to sit and eat. I had a Nutella filled and covered crepe. Mommy and Daddy split a small pizza and a foccacia type ham and cheese sandwich. Grandma had a haw and cheese crepe and Grandpa had fresh mozzarella and a salad. The bill came to 39e.. of which soda cost nearly 3e each!!! I suggest bring your sippy cup (or a water bottle if you prefer!) and forgo the CocaCola Light in port. Drink your soda on the ship where it is free!!

I found a neat train to ride and INSISTED that I ride it for a LONG time. Hey, it IS my birthday! Oh wait, no it isn’t!!! hehe
100 0454

We needed to walk off lunch, so we all took the long walk back to the boat rather than the shuttle. The ship is nearly empty and not much is going on. Back to the room for us for Mommy to help me Blog and then I will take a nap. Daddy has gone up to Deck 9 because his wireless connection doesn’t work well in the room, Mommy’s does though!??

They are showing Pirates again tonight but the times don’t work well for us. We will probably miss it again. G’ma/G’pa have Palo tonight. I am in the nursery for a few hours so Mommy an Daddy can enjoy some down time and a break from me, why they would want that I do not understand! I plan on the Mickey Pool after my nap for a while and then maybe an ice cream or two?

Finished the day out just great.

Dsc 2434

After my nap I went to Mickey’s Pool again. It was empty. I was the only one there so I had to pool to myself. I enjoyed floating on Mommy’s back and running all around. I even practiced my swimming a bit.
Dsc 2516

Dsc 2554

Dsc 2579
Dsc 2627
Dsc 2673
Dsc 2731
Dsc 2781

Then we grabbed me some dinner from Goofy’s Galley and headed to the room for a bath and food for me. Mommy & Daddy got cleaned up too and then dropped me at the nursery. I cried when I was dropped off and Mommy was nervous so she came back to check on me and couldn’t find me! I was asleep? I woke up just as she came by so Mommy didn’t worry too much and then Mommy & Daddy went and played some ping-ping and then had dinner. G’ma/G’pa were at Palos tonight and had a wonderful meal! Sylvester (their server, same one Mommy & Daddy had) sent a to-go of steak and roaster garlic and 2 soufflés for Mommy & Daddy! He is so wonderful. Mommy & Daddy enjoyed their food in a nearly empty dining room. Food was great and the service was beyond spectacular again! 🙂 thank goodness for their change in servers/tables. The Rome day is rather interesting in the dining area because they are expecting 1100+ people back on the ship just as their dining starts at 8:30! I am sure there will be tales of a mixed up dinner. Early seating was nearly empty as usual. I guess they had invited some of the late diners that didn’t have excursions to dine early tonight! 🙂 Good idea for traffic control.

After dinner Mommy & Daddy sprung me from the nursery. I spent my entire enlistment hiding under a blanket in a crib in the back of the nursery. I didn’t want ANYTHING to do with ANYONE! They tried to get me to watch a movie but I just hid. Plus I didn’t like the movie they had on and come other kid was sleeping on the remote control! Oh Bother. One of the workers just sat on the floor next to my crib and kept an eye on me. Mommy & Daddy couldn’t have come soon enough. I clung to Mommy the rest of the night. I had a quick cookie (okay, 2 cookies!!!) and got in my jammies and watched Aladdin for the second time today with Mommy. Daddy is off to see the Pirates 3 movie. Mommy wrapped up my movie and is reading tomorrows “Personal Navigator”.

Tomorrow is “Prince and Princess” theme and they are having a show called “Twice Charmed”. Sounds fun! But this means that yet again we managed to miss the SHOW at Animators Palace. Guess we will have to take another cruise soon just for the show!

Night night… I miss my family and friends… and my own bed! 🙁

Day 5-Olbia

Today has been my favorite so far. Our tour today was SPECTACULAR.

Dsc 1549

Dsc 1557

We were welcomed to port by a band and dancers. I huge tent was set up with all sorts of meat, cheese, wine and breads from the area. Olbia is beautiful. Bill Gates summers here on his yacht! We were all given free hats when we got off the ship and welcomed with open arms. Quite amazing! 🙂

Dsc 1567

Today we had the “Train to Gallura” tour booked. A bit on the pricey side but worth EVERY penny of it! First we took a beautiful bus ride through the city. I can’t even think of words to describe the beauty. After about an hour on the bus we arrived at the train depot. The train is a classic wooden train. It was only three cars plus the engine. Very quaint. Little leg room because you sit two forward then two backwards. But it was okay! People were complaining that the windows were dirty (Well DUH the train is probably 60+ years old at a minimum!) but if you put them down and let the cool breeze it you could see perfectly! ((BTW: There were people complaining about a lot on this tour but we all felt it was very true to the description. )) Daddy took a lot of great pictures today.

Dsc 1623
Dsc 1676

Dsc 1789

I enjoyed a quick snooze.

Dsc 1807

Suddenly the train stopped. Everybody off!

Dsc 1895

There were pavilions with wine, cheese, meat, bread, snacks, juice and water. It was amazing. The view was beyond fantastic.

Dsc 1912

We were truly on the Emerald Coast! I ran around and munched on bread, picked flowers and threw stones into the water. I had some AMAZING pear juice too! 🙂 No stroller needed yet it was a pretty open space and very kid friendly.

I picked a LOT of flowers for people.

Dsc 1942
Dsc 1950
Dsc 1957
Grandma Jo was happy. She LOVED the view.

Dsc 1968
I found some rocks to play with too and kept Mommy on her toes while running around a LOT.

Dsc 2048

Dsc 2061
Dsc 2065
Dsc 2120
Our stop lasted about 30-40 minutes and everyone was stuffed! Back on the train for more views of the beautiful countryside. I tried to nap again but it just wasn’t going to happen.

Soon we were at the end of the train ride. Amazing and magnificent. We boarded the bus (where several people delayed us because they wandered off… they were all found eventually!!). We went a short distance into a little town. This may have been the cleanest place I have seen in Europe so far. We climbed about 30 stairs and were near the center of the town. We all got a coupon for a free gelato! We did a small foot tour and visited a pretty church (it closed at 1pm (as do more things in this area, 1-4pm closed) so some people that went to gelato first missed it… but the city’s charm was not the church anyway!) Then we had gelato… fantastic as always.

Dsc 2147-1

Mommy was amazed how quickly they shuffled people in and dished the gelato. The entire town seemed to welcome us. There were balloons tied to all the store-fronts and smiling people all over. We had some free time and enjoyed wandering the streets (stroller friendly, but again lightweight and bumpy) and bought a few pastries. YUMMY! Daddy managed to find another pack of diapers at the grocery store… so I should be set now! 🙂 hehe

Dsc 2160
Dsc 2180

We met at the meeting point and all boarded the bus for the hour ride back to the port. I didn’t want to be still. I just wanted to run, so Mommy chased.

Dsc 2213
and chased…
Dsc 2222

and chased…
Dsc 2229

and chased…
Dsc 2230

and chased…
Dsc 2264

Finally we all got together and got on the bus.
Dsc 2324

They played a nice video with information on Rome and Civitechia. It had some cartoons in it too so I qas quite content. The bus got rather chilly onthe way back and a LOT of people took a quick snooze. Not me! I watched the cartoon. Oh yeah, they gave us another snack (olive toast crackers…YUMMY!).

Back at port (clean, beautiful and well-maintained) we stopped for some wine, cheese, bread, meat and snacks (ALL FREE! Thanks Oliba!) They even had little pastries. It wa such a lovely reception. This was a fantastic day! Mommy brought me in the ship so I could try to take a quick nap before dinner (which I am!!!). G’pa come onboard and went for a siesta too. Daddy and G’ma Jo took the free bus to town. that update will come later.

A few other things I have left out:
Our dinner service (except Palo) hasn’t been very smooth. Everything seems hurried and then comes to a grinding halt. Daddy finally complained and tonight we are sitting at another table. Hopefully things are more “Disney”.

The weather has been unseasonably brisk. Very windy, which explains the waves. It is bearable with a light jacket or by standing in the sunshine. I wont complain though, I love the cold! 🙂

After a quick nap after the amazing excursion we all dressed and headed for dinner. Tonight we were at Parrots Cay. Our “new” table awaited with a new service team. Dinner was amazingly better. The service we top notch, what we expect from Disney. The beverage server, Denis, even inquired as to wether I would like to be served before or with the grown-ups. A nice touch! They even cleaned the bread crumbs from the table and Alexander (the head server) made funny jokes and magic tricks! 🙂 I enjoyed strawberries and mickey shaped pasta with alfredo sauce. I behaved like a champ during dinner and danced to the island themed music. I even got to see Mickey Mouse dancing!
After dinner I had a bath and got my jammies on. We went and watched “Art of the Story”, the new cruise show. It was really great. It was a bit on the loud side so next time maybe we should sit further back in the theatre. towards the end I was getting tired and G’ma Jo was holding me and my binki ran away!!! Mommy took me to the top of the theatre (near the exit) to watch the last little bit and then brought me up to go to bed. Daddy followed a short while later with my shoes and my found binki. Thanks Daddy!

I was asleep by 10pm. Goodnight. Calm seas tonight. Almost can’t feel the ship moving. Quite a difference from the last few nights! Tomorrow is Civitvechia (sp?). The Rome port! We have nothing planned other than to wander the port. We have all been to Rome before (well not me, but I don’t have much say in the shore excursions!). Everyone will take advantage of the near empty ship! 🙂

Day 4- Naples, Italy

Up early to a disappointing breakfast at Lumiere’s. Today we did the tour called Magnificent Naples. I would like to start by saying it wasn’t all that “magnificent” but we enjoyed parts of it. The bus ride again was VERY crazy. I swear people drive SO differently here. We stopped off at a church (active) and had a small museum tour.

Dsc 1226

Mommy felt icky all day so that didn’t help her level of enthusiasm.

Dsc 1257
I got to stretch my legs a bit as Mommy and Grandma Jo chased me. More tours through the city and then a stop to wander a bit in town (bought more diapers). Lunch was interesting.. they escorted about 80 ppl down the the basement of a restaurant and then SLOWLY brought pizza and salads out. It took FOREVER and a day! We were to get “Nutella Mickey shaped pizza” but it got way too hot so we gave up and went back upstairs. Those who stuck around said they enjoyed it. We figured nearly 2 hours for pizza was a bit silly… it kind of ruined the tour for us.

We opted to wander for a bit on our own. Daddy & Grandma bought me a HUGE plastic ball that had a teddy bear inside of it.

Dsc 1415
Hopefully Disney works out those kinks! then back on the bus for more city tour and then back to the ship. Nothing really stuck out to me today on the tour.

This is how I felt about today!

Dsc 1370
I think Mommy/Daddy/G’ma/G’pa would have enjoyed walking around the city on their own more. Which is just what everyone has gone to do. Mommy is here in the room with me to relax and try to rest as I do the same. Everyone else left the ship and is off exploring! 🙂 More later… We leave port at 7:30ish and the seas are VErY rough again today. So Mommy way not update for a while…sorrry! 🙁

Here are some photos Daddy took while wandering around.
Dsc 1433

Dsc 1461

Finally back on board and headed back to sea. It looks a bit more calm tonight.

Dsc 1492
Day 4 wrapped up nicely after our horrid tour. I went to the nursery from 5:30-8:30. Mommy and Daddy had a lovely dinner at Palo. So much food…Daddy downed 3…yes 3!!! chocolate soufflés. Mommy talked to the waiter (Sylvester, who they has for brunch before) and told him she missed the garlic they used to have at brunch. Suddenly he appeared with a huge dish of fresh roasted garlic for Mommy. She was SOOO happy! Mommy and Daddy chatted with Sylvester a lot and Daddy told him that Mommy craved red-meat when she was preggers with me. Suddenly, again, out of the kitchen Sylvester appears with a to-go filet mignon dinner plate wrapped in pretty aluminium foil made to look like a flower. It was so lovely. Mommy was stuffed and happily took the steak for later, she never did eat it though. 🙁

Mommy sprung me from the nursery and we went to the room and watched Peter Pan on TV until 9:20 when she said it was defiantly bedtime. I was a snuggle bunny and just laid on the bed with Mommy watching the movie. Daddy/G’ma/g’pa went to see the ships premEAR of Pirates of the Carribean 3. They left because the theatre was so packed and the movie is nearly 3 hours long. They went back to G’ma/G’pa’s room and played mai jon with some cards G’ma brought.

A rocky night at sea again, not what we expected, but it was more up and down than side to side so Mommy did well and got a good nights rest.

Day 3-Palermo

Today we were up early again and off the ship to the Palermo and Ballarmo shore excursion.
Dsc 0762
Our bus tour guide was very good. The bus driver was INSANE. We whipped in and out of narrow traffic filled streets, stopped millimeters from other cars, nearly took our a few bazillion pedestrians. It was quite a ride! We stopped first at a beautiful cathedral where I stretched my legs and ran around for quite some time.

Dsc 0778

Dsc 0844
the square in front was mostly enclosed so Mommy just let me burn off some energy.

Actually moving so fast the camera couldn’t catch me. I ran around this potted plant for about 10 minutes.
Dsc 0854
Then I chased some pigeons. That was tough!
Dsc 0927
Dsc 0928

I finally got tuckered out and hugged the plant and said Thanks and got in my stroller for a bit.

Next we drove more through the city and had a bus tour or sorts. Then off to the Ballarmo market. Very interesting place. All the old Italian men shouting at the top of their lungs all about what they are selling. We saw a LOT of fresh fish, fruit, veggies and pretty much anything else you could imagine. Mommy kept her eye out for diapers. ((Diaper story: we opted to buy them in Barcelona but they don’t sell Pampers..just Huggies… well the tabs on the Huggies keep ripping so Mommy is going through MORE than she thought. So if you ever do this vacation BRING DIAPERS!)) Well, anyway, we found a few small packages that should last us a while. We also bought a few bananas, some bread and some cheese.

Next the tour went to a nice little restaurant where we dined on a quick plate of “Sicilian Fare”. We had a poor mans meat (made of chic-pea), an eggplant and tomato dish of sorts, a fried anchovy, pizza and olives. I ate crackers, Cheerios and a pressed fruit strip Mommy had packed for me.

More city tour on the bus and then back to port. While driving we saw a LOT of horse drawn buggies, beautiful city parks with nice amusement park type rides, and lots people getting their fares delivered way up to 5-6 story buildings in baskets on ropes!!!!

Daddy wanted to walk to the “English Gardens” when we got back from the tour. I fell asleep in the stroller and enjoyed Mommy navigating VERY well up and own curbs and across bumpy streets.

Dsc 0977
I think my stroller will need a tire change when we get home! Unlike America the streets are NOT very stroller friendly…my Maclaren seems to do well though. Mommy & Daddy really enjoyed the gardens and a gelato too!
Dsc 0994

Dsc 1046

Mommy thought the side streets were very pretty.
Dsc 1109

Then we all went back to the ship (I still asleep) and boarded for an afternoon of relaxation. Some loud people in the port elevator woke me up and then I was up and ready to go for the rest of the day. Mommy said UGH! After a quick snack in the room Mommy took me to the pool to swim for a while. At first I was very timid but I warmed up and then was all over the pool.
Dsc 1206

Dsc 1211

After swimming we changed and ran the halls. Mommy let me choose which way to go and she just chased me. Daddy/G’ma/G’pa went back to the city for cannoli and meringues. Soon it was time for dinner. We were in Lumiere’s tonight. Dinner was good, but I didn’t eat much because I was tired and cranky. The boat was leaving port as we ate and the waves were getting choppy. Mommy took me up for and early bath and to get me ready for bed. This is when the night fell apart in a major way:

I was having my bath and Mommy was sitting on the bathroom floor then suddenly there was a horrid smell and Mommy was jumping up soaking wet. “Waste” water had come UP through the floor drain because the boat was tipping so much. Mommy managed to safely get me out of the bathroom and then stripped herself, cleaned up and redressed. Daddy came in at this time…THANK GOODNESS! He got the room steward and engineering and they took care of the nasty mess. They sent Mommy’s clothes to be cleaned for free, as expected!! Mommy got me ready for bed and the ship started rocking MORE. Mommy was turning green. She set me in the crib and went to the balcony to close her eyes and get some fresh air. A few minutes later she came into the room and Daddy said she was “sick”. Mommy gets BAD motion sickness and can’t take anything for it because of my little sibling on the way. Poor Mommy! I eventually went to sleep and Mommy groaned all night long… she tried to sleep… a wet washcloth on her face helped. The ship was hitting swells of 13-20ft pretty much all night long. We would feel the boat rock left, rock right, go up and then SLAM down on the water… we are on deck 8!
Eventually morning came and Mommy was less green but still very very wobbly. There are some people down that got put in “quarantine” before the waves, we never figured out what for! *shrug* Mommy had already checked in with the infirmary when she got on board… so all is well with us.
Grandma and Grandpa relaxing before dinner.

Dsc 1143
At least they are having a good old time! 🙂

Day 2 con’t

Daddy/G’ma/G’pa did not enjoy the Stem-to-Stern wine tasting. They said the wines were all sour tasting. I would probably believe them because they all drink and know their wine so well. I drink milk in my sippy cup, sometimes Mommy makes me watered down lemonade! I only took a short nap and then made Mommy chase me all over the ship until it was time for Tea with Alice and the Mad Hatter.

Dsc 0739
Tea was, interesting. It is free so we can’t complain too much. They seated us towards the back of a section and I could not see the characters very well at all. I liked the cookies but the tea was… well NOT MILK! I like milk with my cookies.

Dsc 0740

Dsc 0757

Dsc 0758
Mommy was upset that they didn’t have highchairs and I was squirmy so she didn’t really get to enjoy tea. I think tea is more targeted at girls 4-10 years of age. Grandpa Howie participated and even got out of his chair and spun in circles! I giggled.

Dsc 0760

After tea we headed to the room for some R & R before… *shrug*

Daddy took a nap. Mommy and I watched Sword and the Stone on the TV. We all were too full and didn’t feel like a formal night tonight so we opted for a casual night, early show and buffet dinner. Tonight was the Golden Mickeys. I was very squirmy again at the beginning but once things got moving I settled in for the show. I really thought the show was quite keen. There were lots of characters and music and stageshows. FUN! I did accidently kicked the lady in front of me in the back, Sorry Lady!!! She didn’t complain. Everyone was dressed really fancy and we all felt a little out of place. Normally it is hit or miss with the formal wear but there are not a lot of kids on the ship this run so it seems that more people did the “formal” thing.

We ate a quick but YUMMY dinner at Topsiders and then I ran the hallways for a while and now I am off to bed.

It wasn’t a bad day but with icky rainy weather and back to back to back events we all got tuckered out. Mommy is doing well, no major morning-sickness and the seas have been relatively calm.

Tomorrow we are in Palermo, Sicily (Italy) and have the Palermo and Ballaro Market tour booked.