Day 4- Naples, Italy

Up early to a disappointing breakfast at Lumiere’s. Today we did the tour called Magnificent Naples. I would like to start by saying it wasn’t all that “magnificent” but we enjoyed parts of it. The bus ride again was VERY crazy. I swear people drive SO differently here. We stopped off at a church (active) and had a small museum tour.

Dsc 1226

Mommy felt icky all day so that didn’t help her level of enthusiasm.

Dsc 1257
I got to stretch my legs a bit as Mommy and Grandma Jo chased me. More tours through the city and then a stop to wander a bit in town (bought more diapers). Lunch was interesting.. they escorted about 80 ppl down the the basement of a restaurant and then SLOWLY brought pizza and salads out. It took FOREVER and a day! We were to get “Nutella Mickey shaped pizza” but it got way too hot so we gave up and went back upstairs. Those who stuck around said they enjoyed it. We figured nearly 2 hours for pizza was a bit silly… it kind of ruined the tour for us.

We opted to wander for a bit on our own. Daddy & Grandma bought me a HUGE plastic ball that had a teddy bear inside of it.

Dsc 1415
Hopefully Disney works out those kinks! then back on the bus for more city tour and then back to the ship. Nothing really stuck out to me today on the tour.

This is how I felt about today!

Dsc 1370
I think Mommy/Daddy/G’ma/G’pa would have enjoyed walking around the city on their own more. Which is just what everyone has gone to do. Mommy is here in the room with me to relax and try to rest as I do the same. Everyone else left the ship and is off exploring! 🙂 More later… We leave port at 7:30ish and the seas are VErY rough again today. So Mommy way not update for a while…sorrry! 🙁

Here are some photos Daddy took while wandering around.
Dsc 1433

Dsc 1461

Finally back on board and headed back to sea. It looks a bit more calm tonight.

Dsc 1492
Day 4 wrapped up nicely after our horrid tour. I went to the nursery from 5:30-8:30. Mommy and Daddy had a lovely dinner at Palo. So much food…Daddy downed 3…yes 3!!! chocolate soufflés. Mommy talked to the waiter (Sylvester, who they has for brunch before) and told him she missed the garlic they used to have at brunch. Suddenly he appeared with a huge dish of fresh roasted garlic for Mommy. She was SOOO happy! Mommy and Daddy chatted with Sylvester a lot and Daddy told him that Mommy craved red-meat when she was preggers with me. Suddenly, again, out of the kitchen Sylvester appears with a to-go filet mignon dinner plate wrapped in pretty aluminium foil made to look like a flower. It was so lovely. Mommy was stuffed and happily took the steak for later, she never did eat it though. 🙁

Mommy sprung me from the nursery and we went to the room and watched Peter Pan on TV until 9:20 when she said it was defiantly bedtime. I was a snuggle bunny and just laid on the bed with Mommy watching the movie. Daddy/G’ma/g’pa went to see the ships premEAR of Pirates of the Carribean 3. They left because the theatre was so packed and the movie is nearly 3 hours long. They went back to G’ma/G’pa’s room and played mai jon with some cards G’ma brought.

A rocky night at sea again, not what we expected, but it was more up and down than side to side so Mommy did well and got a good nights rest.

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  1. Are you using those ginger lollipops? Maybe you can find some ginger snaps? Hopefully the seas will calm down as well as your tummy. Brings back memories of driving you in a car with motion sickness as a kid….take care. Love, Mom

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