Today started out so fun. I got to sleep in until almost 7:30! I was a bit tired and needed to catch up. Mommy decided that storytime at the library might be nice for a change of pace. So we loaded up the minivan and headed to East Lake Library for Toddler Time. It was really neat. There were about 20+ kids there with their mommies. Very crowded for such a little library. I was sitting reading a book called “Dogs” and it suddenly attacked me as I turned the page. Leave it to me to get hurt in a library!!! *sigh* I have a nice set of three gashes above my right eye.


It bled a bunch (as head wounds do!) and freaked out a lot of the mommies and kids at story time. So, since I was really upset, Mommy grabbed the stack of books I had picked out and then grabbed me and headed for the checkout. No storytime for me today. It is okay though. I got to stop at the toy store on the way home and get a new Thomas car and a racetrack for my Hot Wheels. I also got these neat things called Colorforms (mommy said she had Smurf ones when she was little). They are reusable stickers and we all know how much i LOVE stickers! 🙂



Oh, I got a toy rake for $.25! I already raked all the stuff in the back yard I could find to rake!

Well, off to my nap.

PS: Mommy DID let me check out the dog book! 🙂

One thought on “Today…*sigh*”

  1. See, even a child who loves to read can get injured enjoying his books. Hope he gets well soon and that he isn’t afraid of the Dog book now!! Grandma Susie

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