Mommy is MAD

Today I have been, well, a PILL! I know it is just the fact that my nose is drippy and I am cutting tooth #11! It is cold out so Mommy and Daddy said I shouldn’t be running around outside if I already don’t feel the greatest. Mommy just needed to get out of the house so we took a trip to the grocery store for ingredients for dindin! 🙂 Which to me just means I get to ride in the “car” cart at Publix and get a FREE sugar cookie! 🙂 YUMMIE! No more balloons because apparently the MRI machines in the world are causing a helium shortage so the grocery store doesn’t give free balloons anymore. BUMMER!

Well, it was only a few minutes before noon and the rotisserie chickens at Publix (Sunset and 19) were dated and time stamped “good from 9am til 12. Mommy decided to get my cookie and then go see if new chickens were put out yet. She saw the deli lady reach into the case and pull out the old chickens….THEN…change the time on them with a big black marker and put them back into the case! HOLY NOOOOOOOO! Mommy said something and the lady pretty much ignored her so Mommy went and found the deli-manager. Mommy complained and then came home (without the chicken she needed) and called the FDA, Florida Dept. of Health, Publix Headquaters and angrily complained to Daddy!

As for me… I fell asleep in the shopping cart while eating my cookie. I heard Mommy being angry and frustrated. Food safety is something we are very careful of in our household and what we buy in the stores. It is MY safety, so I like Mom and Dad looking out for it! Anyway, Mommy got me successfully transfered to the car seat and then to the crib at home… I am really worn out!

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