Carrot Peelers are NOT for Cats

Today while Mommy was helping me pick up my toys, I took a leisurely stroll through the kitchen and discovered a drawer that I could open. In the back of that drawer (which i can proudly say I can now reach) was a fun looking toy. I saw Mommy brush Hunter (the cat) the other day with something like it so I figured that MUST be what it was for… sadly Hunter ran away after the first brush and Mommy got MAD! I am sorry… I thought if I could reach it I could play with it, right??? Apparently NOT! Potato/carrot peelers are NOT toys, so I have learned. Sorry Hunter that I could not make you look all pretty. Mom said at least there was no blood shed.

I am enjoying helping Daddy in the kitchen. Last night I helped supervise three small cups of water. Daddy said it was special BIG BOY water. I was able to pour it back and forth between cups and all over the counter and floor. I even got to drink it. FUN! 🙂 I am such a big helper. Mommy said with moments like these she can forgive the peeler incident.

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