What’s going on in my life…

I am sorry that I haven’t posted in a week or so. I have been a very busy boy. So I will just post a few highlights of my life since I last posted.

I got my 15 month shots (MMR and Chicken Pox) a few weeks ago and low and behold I had yet ANOTHER reaction to the shots. This time I got Chicken Pox! GO ME! I didn’t get it too bad, only about a dozen pox. Daddy said it happens in rare cases because the vaccine for chicken pox is a “live” vaccine. Ugh! I have been a bit cranky and off kilter but I am doing better now.

Mommy & Daddy took me to Epcot for the day (last Saturday). I had a really nice time except that Mickey and his friends kind of scared me this time. I do not know why… I wasn’t really feeling well. I ate at the Garden Grill and cleaned all the veggies and meat from my plate. I am finally becoming a more tollerant eater. I really like my veggies and fruits… raisens and olives especially!

Mommy took me to a gymnastics class last week. That was interesting. I got to jump on a huge trampoline and run around on all the squishy mats. I kept falling into the foam pit and getting stuck in the very middle so Mommy would have to jump in to rescue me. Hehe, that was a fun game… sorry Mommy! I even got to do some assisted summersaults!

I went to JcPenny and got pictures taken of me in my halloween costume. Mommy said she will pick them up next week and mail some out to people! I look really cute, but I am not telling you what I am going as… it will be a surprise! 🙂 Okay, I hate surprises too… I am going to dress as a dolphin. Mommy and Daddy have really cool polo shirts that say “DolphinTrainer” on them. Those parents of mine are so gosh darn creative! 

My art class was really fun last week. Well, art is always fun. Last Friday the theme was “feet” and I got to put my feet into trays of paint and walk all over paper on the groud. It was really fun to squish the paint between my toes. No tactile issues with me! I got so excited I sat down in the paint…then rolled in it. I was filthy! Next in class we played in the tactile table (a trough filled with a tactile substance and scoops and cups to dump and pour) full of bird seed. Well, as you can probably imagine… semi-wet paint all over a toddler and then playing with bird seed made quite and interesting combination. I was covered in bird seed. Mommy, being the smart Mommy that she is, had a change of clothes for me. Most of my friends in art class went home naked (save diaper).

Mommy is trying to shift my sleeping schedule for day-light savings and the cruise coming up. I now go to bed around 9pm and get up around 7:30. I am taking one nap a day from 2-4:30pm. I take good naps, I go right to sleep when Mommy & Daddy tell me it is nappime or bedtime. Daddy said I still need to shift about another hour. I don’t mind too much, I just get to play more with Daddy after work!

I get bigger and smarter everyday. I love drawing and painting and using my crayons. Mommy is trying to teach me more animal names and sounds. I really like to “GROOOOOOWWWWL” like a tiger or lion. I “meow” like a cat and “buzz” like a bee. This week my favorite word is “owl”. I say it really well! 

I like being me. I love all the wonderful things that my Mommy & Daddy do for and with me. I enjoy spending time with my family. I enjoy being me! 


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