Busch Gardens

Mommy & Daddy took me to Busch Garden this morning. I really enjoyed all the kid rides with my parents. It wasn’t too crowded so there were no lines!

100 1806
100 1816

100 1793

I got to climb all over on this cool rope bridge. It went really high into the air. Mommy & Daddy took turns going through it with me.

100 1823
100 1826
100 1836

100 1837-2

Then we went and fed the Lorikeets. It was fun when Mommy was holding the nectar. Birds were all over her. I tried to pet the birds.

100 1845

100 1843
100 1863

100 1852

A bird landed on my shoulder and I giggled and tried to pet it too, but it bit me and I got scared and cried until Daddy got me from Mommy’s bird covered arms.

100 1864

Mommy was COVERED in birds and when Daddy was taking pictures of Mommy and laughing really hard, because she didn’t really like the birds all over her, birds landed in HIM! Hehe!
100 1866

After that we called it a day and came home for my nap.

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