Weekend Update

Well, it was a pretty boring weekend from my prospective. Mommy & Daddy took me shopping at the outlet mall in Ellington. I only found a few pair of jammies I liked. Mom said it is getting hard to find clothing that isn’t a sports theme! All the neat clothing is for little kids. I am a 2T already and growing fast! Mommy & I like dinosaurs, trucks, other animals or plain preppy things. Mommy said she will just resort to shopping online for now. After the mall we came home and played around the house for the rest of the day. The weather has been really icky lately. Hot and humid and very rainy.

Sunday I woke Mommy & Daddy at 6:08-am. Mommy came into my room and told me “no. go back to bed” so I did! I got up at almost 8-am. Your welcome Mommy. Grandma Susie came over and watched me while Mommy & Daddy scurried around trying to get the house ready just in case Hurricane Ernesto comes our way. I don’t think it will, but my silly parents said “better safe than sorry!” I guess I really don’t understand hurricanes yet. I just know I can’t control them, and I don’t like things I can’t control.

I discovered the spray bottle Mommy & Daddy keep on their bed to squirt cats when they misbehave. I figured out that I can squeeze the trigger handle and squirt water. I made an oopsie and had it aimed right at my own face, silly me. I got my face all wet. Oh well! Next time I will spray Daddy!!! YEAH!

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This week I don’t have much planned. I am really enjoying my art class and hope that the weather cooperates so I can go to it on Friday. Probably just a lot of Gymboree this week. I am hoping that the silly construction people get their work approved and that they can pour the concrete in my new playroom this week. Mommy & Daddy are not to optimistic about it. Oh well!

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  1. Breighton, you should know all about hurricanes. I thought that’s how you came to be here in the first place? (You’ll understand this much better in about 20 years… ok, 18, but you’re pushing it.)

    Have fun at art classes!

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