I got to wear my first Band-Aid today (well, I had some after shots, but this one is because of a boo-boo). I was running from the living room into the kitchen and took a tumble. My ankle slide under the corner/hinge of the refrigerator and I cut my ankle! Ouch! Mommy and Daddy scooped me up and cleaned up my cut and put a Band-Aid on it. I don’t like getting hurt. The Band-Aid around my ankle is also kind of freaking me out 🙁 This just isn’t a good day for me. Mom and Dad couldn’t find many new clothes for me at the outlet mall and I keep grabbing my forehead like I have a headache. Should have staying in the crib this morning. Oh well, not long until bed!

2 thoughts on “Ouch!”

  1. Poor little B, going too fast once again! Time to slow down and read a book with Mom and Dad and chill out. Love, Granny Susie

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