My First Birthday

Mommy and Daddy took me to Great Explorations. It is a place designed just for kids that has some really neat toys and fun things to learn. I saw a tennis ball fly all the way up to the ceiling. I got to point out fish. I even got to play in a special area just for little kids like me. They were opening a new Fire Station for kids that day so I got to see fire trucks and the fire-dog even licked my face. That was kind of scary because I have really only seen dogs in my books.

Afterwards Mommy and Daddy brought me home and I took a 3 hour nap. When I got up they dressed me in my swim clothes, loaded me in the car and took me to the beach. I had only been to the beach one time before and I was really little (Mommy said about 3 months old). I didn’t know what to think of the water rushing at my feet… but i got used to it. I finger walked over 1/4 mile to the pier and then back. It was really fun.
100 1040
100 1042

When we got home Daddy made me a cupcake.
100 1067

Mommy helped blow out my candle.

100 1071

One finger of frosting… I can refrain from gorging.
100 1079

Maybe not…
100 1087
100 1082

I was happy. So were Mommy and Daddy.
100 1091

Thanks for a memorable FIRST Birthday!!!!

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