Happy Smurf Day!

Today I went over to Granny & Grandpa Reed’s house for a little birthday celebration with some family. I went swimming with Mommy & Daddy and played with all my toys. Granny got me a really cool Nemo cake. It had pretty toy fish and lots of BRIGHT colored icing. Publix (where the cake was from) also gave her a SMASH cake… and I did just that!

That’s ME in the blue… somewhere.
100 1102
Yes, I even have cake in my HAIR.
100 1104

Here is my finished work.
100 1115

Mommy picked me up and took me DIRECTLY to the bathtub!
100 1116
The water was warm and clear. I was BLUE!
100 1126
Mommy washed every inch of blue off.
100 1141

I passed inspection… ALL CLEAN!
100 1164

But the TUB… BLUE!
100 1168

Thanks Granny for tolerating my blue period in life.

3 thoughts on “Happy Smurf Day!”

  1. What a Boy, What a Joy! Your blue period is just fine with me.
    Glad to share your first birthday with you. Love, Granny

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