Fun at Playtime Together

Today I went with the MomsClub to Our Playtime Together.

I had fun playing with all the different toys there.
100 0822

100 0842

I got scared when Evie screamed but I was a happy kid through most of it.
100 0833

I even went crusin’ for chicks!
100 0911

I am a GOOD driver!
100 0910

I needed to sit and relax afterwards because that is hard work.
100 0892

I enjoyed the ball pit.
100 0872

100 0867

Then Mommy stopped by Gymboree and I saw my friend Quinn. He is only one week older than me. Mommy was laughing because Mr. Quinn and I were dressed EXACTLY alike! Nifty!

100 0919100 0918

I am on the airlog and Quinn is on the Gymbo teeter.

100 0924

I had a fun day! Despite the sippy cup attacking me and me being soaking wet!

100 0926

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