Pre-Mother’s Day Massacre (sort of)

When Daddy told me about Mother’s Day (this being my first and all) I wanted to do something special for Mommy. Daddy suggested we make her a card. I wasn’t quite sure about that idea (still not sure what “cards” are all about — they just seem like small pieces of paper to eat with pictures on them). Daddy went and got the paints and Mommy told him he needed to set up my prison cell (Daddy just said it’s my “mess making play yard” — whatever Dad!) to keep the house clean. So, with the “prison cell” setup in the kitchen, Daddy put on some old clothes, Mommy stripped me down, and plunked me in with Daddy. Daddy explained how to paint — stick my hand in the paint and then rub my hand around the paper. I caught on pretty quick (and only tasted it once). I was enjoying playing with the paints on the “paint plates” and Mommy suggested that we put blobs of paint on the paper. That was a great idea. I found it much more fun to rub the paint around versus going “paint plate” to “painting”. So, I made a bunch of abstract art all on my own. Daddy only helped me with one. I think they’re great. I’m going to save them as “my early works”.

Oh, yeah, I got my first tattoo too! “I love Mom”

Mommy then took me to the bath (she’s telling me that happened “after mopping up the floor, prison cell, Daddy, and me” — Daddy is saying “Oh, whatever, it wasn’t that bad!”). That was really cool too. I turned the water all types of colors that quickly mingled to an icky brown. Still, that was cool!

Off to bed! Night night!

The start of the painting. Look how organized Daddy was with the little paint plates.
100 0753

Daddy explained what to do so now I tried on my own…
100 0760

I get it… I’ve now got blue fingers I can rub on the paper
100 0761

I’m really starting to get the hang of it…
100 0770

Here was Mommy’s good idea. I liked having all the colors right there.
100 0768

My tattoo started with just a heart…
100 0774

Daddy added the “I” and “Mom” next
100 0775

There’s my tattoo! I asked Daddy to touch up the heart with more red later on, but I *loved* my tattoo 🙂
100 0777

I’m touching up the corner of the paper. I didn’t like my first pass…
100 0780

More blue… I can never have enough blue for my inspired works!
100 0787

I’m all done with my painting! Time to clean up! I had lots of fun!
100 0796

2 thoughts on “Pre-Mother’s Day Massacre (sort of)”

  1. Too cute!! See the creativity just abounds ….is it from the Reed side of the family?? Hope you keep the pictures in his “baby book” you are supposed to be filling in!! I think David had as much fun as Breighton!!

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