Getting Ready for Santa

I am ready for Santa to come. Mommy said I will see a lot of my family members in the next week and that I should be resting up so I can show off my cuteness! 🙂 I have a lot of that! My Uncle Matt gets here on Friday from California… I have not seen him since I was VERY little.

My Uncle Bronson, Aunt Jole’ and cousins Micki and Taylor will be in town too. I saw them at Halloween but have grown up a bit since then too.

Santa Claus dropped my gifts off early because he knew Mommy & Daddy weren’t sure where I was going to open my gifts at. I snuck under the tree the other day of took the bow off of one of my presents and then managed to open it… so Mommy let me have it early. Christmas BLOCKS! Fun to knock over when Mommy stacks them for me.

This week i pulled up on my knees and played in my toy bucket and I am getting really good at pearching on the foyer ledge and pulling to my feet. I still haven’t firgured out “CRAWL” but I work hard on it every day.

Last night I spely 11 1/2 hours straight! Mommy was happy with me. I think I was growing becasue I got really hungry and then really tired. Today i am not that hungry.

Well, in my life I think that is all….

Had fun at Gymboree today and I get to see my friends on Wednesday from Bradley class…

Then SANTA!!!!


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